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Call me Brat!

Navy Brat that is. I’ve lived all over the United States, mostly in small towns, and it’s those small towns that I remember most vividly. While I live in the South now, and have for decades, I was born in … Continue reading

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The Oddball

After reading introductions by the fabulous authors of this blog I wonder how to present myself. Most of you are small town girls who really belong to Main Street in Quaint County. I’m the odd ball here. Are you sure … Continue reading

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Welcome from Georgia

Hi, I’m Carol and send you a big Southern welcome to Authors of Main Street! Authors of Main Street photo at the top of this page reminds me of the town in Tennessee where I grew up. The town was … Continue reading

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Who is Stephanie Queen?

(Not quite up there with “Who is John Galt?” as far as literary references go, but give me time.) To begin with, my literary career began with an elephant story in second grade inspired by nuns back when nuns used … Continue reading

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Sex, Romance, & Mozzarella Cheese

I have a confession to make. I love books—reading and writing them. I also love food—eating and cooking it. According to my family, I’m a good cook. I’m the kind of wife and mother that I always—okay, just about always—have … Continue reading

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Defy Not The Heart: A Recipe for Life

I erased the first line of this blog three times before settling on this one. Not much of a first line, you might say, and that would be true if it weren’t a commentary on who I am and why … Continue reading

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Made in Canada

I’ve lived in Ottawa, Ontario, most of my life – but when I began writing romance novels, intending to submit them to mainstream publishers, I thought setting my stories in the United States or England would improve my chances. Over time, … Continue reading

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