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Thank You Lee Greenwood

Earlier this month the dh and I attended the 15th Battalion Association – 1st Cavalry Division Reunion in Franklin, Tennessee. This battalion was responsible for taking care of the wounded in Viet Nam.  They would lift them out of the … Continue reading

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May, Babies and Books

I’m in that awkward stage of life, baby-wise.  I’m too young to be a grandma to a beautiful, fresh, peach-haired, Johnson’s baby oil-smelling baby (and I don’t just mean mentally young–although I am certainly mentally unprepared) (and I don’t just mean … Continue reading

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Retirement: a new spring

Some people never retire because they wouldn’t know what to do with themselves. My uncle is one of them. At eighty, he still goes to work every day. But he can’t drive from Long Island to Manhattan and brave the … Continue reading

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Plant a seed, plant a story

I don’t remember how old I was when I realized flowers made you happy. But, I know who helped me understand that the magic of growing flowers was right up there with cookies and milk. My grandma. A vivid memory … Continue reading

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Sweet & Spicy

Mom, maybe you should skip this one – today I’m going to talk about sex. Every romance novel needs passion, ranging anywhere from a simple kiss to full-out rumpy pumpy. These scenes are among the most challenging – and the … Continue reading

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Rules and Truth in Fiction

Readers, I want to talk to you about the rules we writers follow and the truth we try to inject into our books in the hope that we will create a book that gives you a great reading experience. Rules … Continue reading

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Hope Springs Eternal

A Big Congratulations to Our Authors of Main Street April Grand Opening Contest Winners: Grand Prize winner, Joan Leacott and 2nd Place Winner, Sandra Nachlinger! Free books and gift card to come!  On behalf of all the Authors of Main … Continue reading

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