Hope Springs Eternal

A Big Congratulations to Our Authors of Main Street April Grand Opening Contest Winners: Grand Prize winner, Joan Leacott and 2nd Place Winner, Sandra Nachlinger! Free books and gift card to come!  On behalf of all the Authors of Main Street, I thank you for your participation. Happy Reading. Happy Writing. Happy Third Wednesday!

Now on to my title for today: Hope Springs Eternal. Clichẻd though it may be, the title for this blog is a truism for me. Three small words that when jumbled and elaborated upon always make me smile. I live in south-eastern Wisconsin where it’s still a little early for spring and early summer flowers to come out to play, but the birds are chirping in my bird bottles, baby snakes wind themselves in and out of my garden beds, and fuzzy yellow goslings follow their parents from familiar nesting grounds in wobbly lines of joy. It’s light enough to enjoy a glass of wine with my husband on my back deck at 7:30 at night and light enough to have coffee on my front porch at 6 in the morning, listening to the birds greet the day. Gotta love Spring after a long Winter’s nap.

As to Hope, well this is the season for getting things done. No matter what it is that you and I are getting done, and putting out into our collective universe, we hope it goes well, is received well, and, in my case, sells well. Spring is a time of new beginnings, new possibilities, new projects. It’s also a time to cleanse our environments of the junk we’ve accumulated that no longer serves us. Sometimes this is just Spring cleaning. Sometimes it’s a whole life cleanse. Wherever you are on your path to greatness, may your environment be a little brighter this spring and may the old junk be easy to trash as you begin anew.

Eternal…well that one’s a bit tougher, but since spring has had this brightness to it since I have had memories, I think the word eternal will do to describe the lightness of being and the possibility this season brings. Our world does get brighter for half the year for those of us not riding the equator and that is something to celebrate and reflect back to the world in our lives and in our art.

So how is this Spring-Superlative-Flight-of-Fancy relevant to my life at this moment (and let’s face it folks this moment is all we have)? Well, this Spring is when my life’s path truly took a 180 degree turn. I’m still transitioning from law to writing full time, but there it is an 80/20 relationship now (80% writing, 20% not). There’s got to be a lot of hope, because at this moment the harvest of my efforts has yet to be reaped. Having the time to do something I love, that I’m drawn to with an absolute need, and that stirs my soul, is indeed something eternally positive. Like hope actualized. What better season than spring to plant this gift and watch it grow?

I’m posting some photos of my front porch garden from last year and some of the plants I’ve chosen for my baskets and containers for this year that have yet to be planted, because the threat of frost is still very real here. I’m also showing some of my statuary (one of my six flying pigs, my kata frog, one of my three prince charming frogs, and my sleeping mermaid). In my book, Sparring Partners, I indulged my need to display whimsy in the garden.

I will conclude with three wishes for you: May you always have Spring in your step, Hope in your heart and may love grace you Eternally. Happy Spring!

Leigh Morgan

13 thoughts on “Hope Springs Eternal

  1. Thanks, Kelly. I love to garden and tend my flowers every morning and evening, even if it’s only to give them water and say hello. Hope this finds you well. Happy Spring,



    • Dear Jill, thanks so much for all your help with everything. I’m sure I’ll need more in the future, you just make it all look easy! I purchased more ivy today. The flowers on the deck are just for my baskets. My lilies haven’t popped yet this season, although my climbing roses in the back are blooming. Love this time of year and I’ll be posting more about gardens and creativity in the blogs to come. Thanks again for your kindness and your patience.


  2. Congratulations to both our winners! Your flowers are beautiful, Leigh. Wish I had more time this year. Bought plants that need little care. Maybe next year I’ll get back to my regular planting routine.


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