May, Babies and Books

I’m in that awkward stage of life, baby-wise.  I’m too young to be a grandma to a beautiful, fresh, peach-haired, Johnson’s baby oil-smelling baby (and I don’t just mean

Future Queen Baby

mentally young–although I am certainly mentally unprepared) (and I don’t just mean my sons are too young to be parents because technically they’re not but by every meaningful standard known to mankind, they are too young) .  I’d love a little Queen grand-baby. But really, I can wait for my babies to have babies. I’m not usually never patient—I hate two-person lines at the grocery store–but for this, I can wait.

On the other hand, I’m too old (not old-old, but technically speaking old) (and this has nothing to do with my state of mind which isn’t old at all) to have my own precious cooing bundle with that unbearably soft smooth skin and plump cuddliness (although I’m not entirely sure about adoption rules).

The solution is of course, is to write about babies. Two of the heroines in my last three novels were pregnant or obsessed with having babies. In my fourth novel, my current work in progress, THE HOT SHOTS, the baby from the first book, BETWEEN A ROCK AND A MAD WOMAN, makes a cameo appearance. And these aren’t exactly baby-friendly stories.  Mainly they’re romantic comedies with suspense, not babies.

Yet, I could not resist playing the baby-card with the heroines in my stories. Because I could, I shoe-horned the baby notion in without even realizing why or what for. I think my new story-writing motto should be “Love & Babies Make the World Go Round.”  It’s true if you think about it. Literally (pun intended).  That’s babies and books for you.

As for May–my own beautiful first baby boy was born in May (did I mention I love alliteration?).  So this month always makes me nostalgic for babies. Maybe I should have mentioned that first.

If you want to see exactly how I fit a “baby notion” into a romantic comedy intrigue about a man and woman running against each other for political office–when they happen to have a past as lovers– take a look at BETWEEN A ROCK AND A MAD WOMAN. It should probably be featured as a case study for the freudian-slip chapter of some psychology text book.

For more info about Stephanie Queen books, with and without babies, visit (naturally).

7 thoughts on “May, Babies and Books

  1. Love the photos! It is indeed baby time. Lot’s of little ones in the garden and everywhere else I look. Always worth a smile and that pang of: aaawwww….


  2. Stepahnie, my first granddaughter was born in May, a very beatiful baby if I may say so myself. I love having babies in my books, although only two of them have babies, Babies in the Bargain, and Rx in Russian. You have plenty of time to have grandbabies, enjoy your kids and their growing.


    • Thanks, Mona! You’re very right about enjoying my two big strong boys who are nothing like babies, but still very precious. Although I hope they don’t grow too much more!


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