Thank You Lee Greenwood

Earlier this month the dh and I attended the 15th Battalion Association – 1st Cavalry Division Reunion in Franklin, Tennessee.

This battalion was responsible for taking care of the wounded in Viet Nam.  They would lift them out of the jungle and deliver them to the nearest treatment area.  With the big red cross painted on the aircraft the insurgents would use it as a target, even though insurgents and civilians were also picked up.

The Guest of Honor at the Reunion was SP4 Jerry Dick, who was shot several times as a door gunner.  Meaning he was in a harness, located at the door of the helicopter, and was to shoot at anyone or anything that was shooting at them.  Jerry is still suffering from the wounds of that day.

As they were honoring Jerry, music from an iPod came on, it was Lee Greenwood’s song, “God Bless the USA”…Jerry’s favorite song.  The crowd could barely hear the song, so the man in control turned it off and said he would go to Plan B.  Someone in the audience shouted out, “Get a kid.”  Everyone laughed at that one because it was so true.

He opened a door and out came Lee Greenwood, singing the song.  “God Bless the USA.”

I don’t think anything has impressed me so much.  I know that he volunteered his time to come and sing for Jerry and the group and he did it from the heart.  So, thank you Lee Greenwood.

When I realized that I would be posting on the ‘real’ Memorial Day, I knew I had to share this story with you.  During the reunion we were asked to remember someone who died in Viet Nam, and it was too easy to think of someone.  My dh thought of the man who was killed when his helicopter crashed.  I thought of my brother-in-law’s brother, a nice young man that never came home.

So, today I ask of you to say a prayer for those who never came home.  So many men, so many lives changed forever, their parents, their spouses, their children.

In our small town, several of the clubs display American flags along the main streets.  Every time I see them, it makes me proud to be an American.  God Bless the USA seems so appropiate.  Thank you Lee Greenwood for writing a song so dear to us.

6 thoughts on “Thank You Lee Greenwood

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  2. What a moving post. I love that Lee Greenwood song. I went to a small town high school, and our class clown — a sweet, funny guy — was killed in Vietnam when he was just 20. I spoke to his mother a couple of years ago, and she talked about him. She always liked to talk about him to kids he went to school with. She too has passed now. Poignant memories.


    • Thanks for the response Joan. I read somewhere that if one person remembers your name, you are never truly dead. A ‘memory’ will keep that person alive. But a time will come if you’re an ordinary person, when everyone who knew you, is also gone.


  3. My 91 year old father was serving in Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941. For years he never spoke of his experience on (and off) the ship Utah. A few years ago he began touring schools and sharing his story. But its really all our stories because our lives would have been so very different without the sacrifice of our war heroes.


  4. What a poignant post. It made me smile and brought a tear to my eye at the same time. Wonderful all the way around. Thank you for sharing part of your life with us on such an important day.


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