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It’s Fig Canning Time in the South

One thing about canning figs, is that you have to do it on their schedule.  Not yours.  The figs this year are giving out a bumper crop, and the dh decided to pick seven gallons.  You have that right, seven … Continue reading

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My Dad was a farmer, as was his father. They both rose early morning and retired early evening. Long years of hard work kept them both going physically and mentally. Though I didn’t know my Dad well, he was loved. … Continue reading

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June, Brides & Books

Not me. I was not a cliché June bride. I wanted to get married in April and ended up with a September wedding. So what’s my point? I’m wondering how the June Bride cliché is perpetuated in spite of all … Continue reading

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Dad and his books

On June 17 we celebrated Father’s Day. On June 14, I always remember my Dad. It would have been his birthday. If he was still around. But he’s been gone many years ago. He was a quiet, kind, intellectual man, … Continue reading

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Myth, Magic, and finding Midsummer Joy

Today is Litha, the Summer Solstice. It is that time of year when the sun reaches its zenith, the longest day of the year. It is a celebration of light, fecundity and the abundance of summer. I look forward to … Continue reading

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Grandpa’s Love Story

I’m so grateful for the wonderful dad I had growing up, and the fantastic grandfather he is now. I could write volumes in appreciation of everything he’s done for me. But today I’m writing about his father—my grandfather. Grandpa passed … Continue reading

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With Thanks to the Great Men in My Life

I sometimes think girls are shaped more by their father’s influence in their lives than they are by their mothers. From our fathers we get our perception of ourselves, our belief in what we can or cannot do, and most … Continue reading

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