Myth, Magic, and finding Midsummer Joy

Today is Litha, the Summer Solstice. It is that time of year when the sun reaches its zenith, the longest day of the year. It is a celebration of light, fecundity and the abundance of summer. I look forward to these long days of light all year and when they are here celebrate!

This past weekend my husband and I attended the Scottish Highland Games in Chicago. This was our second games of the year, something we celebrate together every year with our extended Scottish family. Since it was so close to Father’s Day, that was just an added bonus. We saw a World Record set in the weight toss for height (56lb. weight tossed with one hand over a bar 18ft 11inches high). Truly an amazing feat of athleticism. Pure masculine power, raw and beautiful to behold.


How does any of this tie into our Father’s Day theme? Well after eight posts on this topic so far this month, you’ll have to bear with me as I tie it up. Today, Midsummer, is very special. It is associated with the sun, male energy and all that is bright and beautiful about the male aspect. So I say thanks to all the males in my life. Fathers, brothers, sons, and most importantly those we call lover and husband. I am thankful for the many men in my life who make it better every day with their strength, their love and their masculine grace. I am blessed to watch the honorable path the men I love, both living and those who have gone before, have blazed through their lives. Further, I am happy to travel it with them. So instead of saying Happy Father’s Day, I will say: here’s a cheer for the best in men everywhere.

Midsummer is a time full of myth and magic and joyous celebration of the earth and her gifts. We celebrate the sun, the masculine, and also the feminine as the sun enters Cancer – a water sign. I love this part. Today is a day for water magic. It is a time to celebrate holy streams and sacred wells, giving offerings of coins or pins in Celtic mysticism. Chalice well is located in Glastonbury and has been a sacred place for Christians and Pagans for more than a millenia. Joseph of Arimathea was said to have traveled there. Its sacred springs are associated with the grail legend and are said to be healing in nature.


I write about sacred springs, myth and magic in Fighting Fate, my latest stand a lone romance in the Dojo Chronicles. I love Glastonbury Tor. The land there and the sacred waters, sing with energy. It truly is a magical place I wanted to celebrate. So, I fictionalized it and put it in a romance that celebrates not only strong femininity, but also the fierce loving heart of a man sworn to protect it. I love Fighting Fate, and I hope you will too.


Shakespeare wrote about Midsummer magic in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, That Scottish Play, and in The Tempest. The themes of magic and celebrating all the abundance summer has to offer are not new. They are eternal. So here’s to summer. Here’s to the festivals, the music, the plants and to all you hold sacred. Here’s to celebrating the masculine aspect of nature as we enjoy the longest day of the year. And here’s to holding the magic of summer in your heart.

Happy Midsummer!

Leigh Morgan

10 thoughts on “Myth, Magic, and finding Midsummer Joy

  1. What a powerful and positive message. Your words definitely made me take a step back and really think about all of the wonderful men I am fortunate enough to have in my life. As someone interested in going into health care, specifically preventative care, I also appreciated the connection you made between the healing powers of water, particularly from the Chalice Well, and the magic of everyday life that we often do not consider.
    Thank you for your post and positive energies Leigh!


    • Dear Hope,
      My daughter is studying genetics at the University of Wisconsin, hoping to go into alternative and preventative care so your post is making me smile. My book, Sparring Partners, has as one of its themes, natural and alternative ways elder care can be improved. Naturopahtic healing has been an interest of mine for a while. I’m so gratified by your post and your interest. Making our communities stronger and appreciating the every day magic that occurs in them just makes the world a little brighter. Thanks for the smile.
      Happy Solstice!



  2. Dear Joan,
    Thanks for reading! I tend to blog about things that resonate with me. Magic in the everyday certainly does. As to wonderful men who are loving, honorable and strong. Thanks for posting! Happy Solstice!


  3. Hi Leigh,
    I love the magic of summer too. The long days and peaceful evenings shared while the sun sets are spiritually and emotionally renewing for me. Throw in some mountain hiking and life is perfect.


  4. Hi Leigh, I don’t know much about astrology and was happy to learn something from your post. I love this toast. “Here’s to celebrating the masculine aspect of nature as we enjoy the longest day of the year.”


    • Thanks, Mona. I love that toast too! This has been one of my favorite blog topics, probably because it’s different and gets me jazzed. Thanks for the comment and happy writing!


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