It’s Fig Canning Time in the South

One thing about canning figs, is that you have to do it on their schedule.  Not yours.  The figs this year are giving out a bumper crop, and the dh decided to pick seven gallons.  You have that right, seven gallons.  When I arrived home on Thursday afternoon at four p.m. he was cutting off the tops.  Now mind you, I was leaving the next morning to go to Monroe to watch the Miss Louisiana Contest as I had two granddaughters there.  One was in the Miss Louisiana Contest, and the seven-year-old was a princess and would be on stage as well.

I hadn’t figured on the figs.

The dh had three gallon bags ready to put the cleaned figs in and thought I could can them when I arrived back home on Sunday.  First, there was no way that you could have stored the figs in the fridge.  There wasn’t nearly enough room.  (What was he thinking, he had seven gallons!)  They filled my huge roaster, and a huge cooking pot.  I threw them in the two pots, added a cup of water and seven pounds of sugar to each and let them cook.  For eight hours.

Eight hours.

It’s a good thing I still had to pack and do other things to get ready for my trip.

At one in the morning I was putting figs into jars.  We ended up with thirteen quarts and almost one pint that I put in the fridge.

I’m not really complaining, as I love figs.  There is nothing like four or five of the sweet darlings next to the eggs, grits and bacon for breakfast.  Then there is crispy fried bacon on a biscuit with a couple of figs, and you have heaven in your hand.

There’s a great recipe for strawberry fig preserves, which calls for three cups of mashed figs, three cups of sugar and two boxes of strawberry jello cooked for ten minutes or so, and you’d swear that there were real strawberries in that jar.

Not to mention the fig cake, or fig tea cookies.

The only thing is…you have to can them when they are ready.  The window lasts maybe a week or two, if the rain doesn’t spoil them.  Yes, we generally have lots of rain when the figs go ripe.  So, we grab that chance to can figs, because if you miss it, you can’t buy canned figs at Wal-Mart.

The small granddaughter came home with a trophy almost as tall as herself for being a princess.  The Miss Louisiana contestant didn’t come out, but she’s a winner in our book.  Plus, she won scholarship money to assist her in college.

The past month has been busy as The Devil Has Dimples was on a blog tour, the reviewers gave it either five or four stars, leaves, and I think it even received some ‘paws’…if you want a ‘fun’ read, try it out.  It’s listed at all the fine eBook distributors.

15 thoughts on “It’s Fig Canning Time in the South

  1. Oh, my! Fig Preserves, Fig Pudding, Fig & Pear Relish, Strawberry Fig Jam — my mom made them all. How I miss that. When we get enough deer fencing up, I’m planting a couple of fig trees on our Hill Country property. Thanks for the memory, Pepper.


    • Let me know Joan, I don’t mind digging up a tree for you. Our trees were planted by my hubby’s grandfather, and they are huge. Well over twelve feet tall…of course, I’d send you a smaller version…LOL


  2. As a woman from the Northwest, I’d never eaten canned figs until I came to Louisiana, and let me tell you, you are missing something delicious. You can’t eat too many, as they are awful sweet, but they are delicious with breakfast, in cakes, cookies, jam. I decided that since I love raspberry jam the best, I’ll use raspberry jello this year. Of course, I passed up the store on the way home, so I’ll have to plan that for tomorrow. Just hope it doesn’t rain, as it tends to sour the figs.


  3. I know exactly what you mean. My crop of choice is black currants. When my son was young, all three of us would go out to a pick-your-own places and pick about 15 quarts of black currants. Then all of would clean them, I’d cook them, then we’d have a production line for the canning. My son called it “Family Jam”. Now we have bushes in the back yard. Whatever you sweet thing you put up, nothing beats the smell of summer every time you open a new jar. Mmmm.


  4. Bacon, biscuits and figs does sound heavenly! Thrilled to hear you made the beauty pageant to see your two beauties shine!
    Stephanie Queen


  5. Apparently, I’m not the only one canning jam from figs. There were only a few packages of Strawberry Jello on the shelves, absolutely no raspberry, so I went for a blackberry jello. I love blackberries as well, so still a win, win for me. I’ll let you know how it comes out.


  6. Figs?? I’m salivating. Where on earth do you buy them? I rarely eat them now, because I can’t find them. Enjoy your breakfast with figs. Where did you say you live?! I travel a lot. LOL

    Congratulations to the little princess.


  7. I love figs, but I’ve never had them canned. How wonderful that you’ve made an art of something so delicious! Great post. Thanks for making me smile!


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  9. Pepper, I admire any woman who cans! My mom always canned, the kitchen was forever hot in the summer. She made the best fig preserves, along with pear preserves. My neighbor has a huge fig tree next to our fence. What hangs over, she has me take to my mom. 🙂


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