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Summertime and the Fishing is Easy…

One of the things I like best about growing up in a small town was fishing with my dad. I’m sure I enjoyed the experience more than he did.  Fishing then was simple.  Find a worm, push it on a … Continue reading

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A lovely escape

To escape stress or routine, some people choose to read a good book or spend an evening at a movie theater; others travel or take a nearby vacation. For me the best relaxation is to write a book and live … Continue reading

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Escape Into Life

Yes, there are times I want to escape and find a place to hide. With life being so crazy these days, I can’t seem to find time to get everything done. But, I step back and take everything into consideration … Continue reading

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My Vote for Best Real Life Romance Hero: Tim Tebow

He has all the makings. Dudley Do-Right handsome and larger than life, he’s a Winner at All Things He’s Ever Tried. Tim Tebow’s real story reads like that of a fiction hero. He stays positive, loves his mother and fights … Continue reading

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Waiting For Inspiration & Time

Have you ever had an idea for something you’d like to create? It could be a quilt, a decorating project, a rose garden, or writing a book. A lot of people stockpile these projects for the summer since more daylight … Continue reading

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How do you escape when you have traveling feet and nowhere to go?

I was going to write about the Declaration of Independence and what it meant for a fledgling nation to declare war against the superpower of the time, an important and timely topic to be sure. Bella wrote about freedom beautifully … Continue reading

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When Your Muse Takes a Holiday

You know how it is. One week you have so many ideas, you’re constantly jotting them down on the backs of old receipts dug out of your purse; then, without warning, your muse takes a vacation to parts unknown, leaving … Continue reading

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