A lovely escape

To escape stress or routine, some people choose to read a good book or spend an evening at a movie theater; others travel or take a nearby vacation. For me the best relaxation is to write a book and live in my characters’ heads, and better even, to receive my grandchildren and take care of them—without their parents, of course.

Have you noticed how people smile when a child walks by? I had two off my grandchildren for three weeks. Three fantastic and exhausting weeks, during which I learned to share my little girls’ fun. It doesn’t take much to make them happy.

Swimming in the pool, playing in the surf at the beach, building sand castles, walking to Dunkin’ Donuts for breakfast, watching cartoons on TV, kept us busy all day, and replaced, for me, blogs, emails, writing and editing. The girls monopolized my computer and used it to play games while I cooked their favorite meals.

Did I miss my daily life? Not exactly. I felt a bit guilty for neglecting my “usual duties”, then I realized that nothing in the world could top the lovely duty of taking care of my sweet girls and listening to their babbling.

The latest from my six-year-old granddaughter:
She was eating her noodles for dinner and carefully removing every tiny bit of meat. “I don’t like meat.”
Grandpa: “But at lunch you ate you hamburger.”
Six-year old: “I ate it because I had to.” Looking pointedly at Nonna. “It doesn’t mean I like it.”

From my eight-year-old granddaughter, when I was sitting with the girls reading on my Kindle while they were building their Legos.
Eight-year old: “What are you doing, Nonna?”
Me: “I’m reading a book. This is called an eReader.”
Eight-year old: “Oh, we call it a Kindle.”

Have you ever featured children in your books?

I have several babies in BABIES IN THE BARGAIN; a teenager in NO MORE LIES; a baby girl and four little boys in Rx in RUSSIAN.

Children add humor and emotion to our stories, and bring smiles into our lives.

BABIES IN THE BARGAIN http://tinyurl.com/6mcd6e3

Mona Risk can be found at http://monarisk.com    www.monarisk.blogspot.com

23 thoughts on “A lovely escape

  1. I love being around children. They really are tiny people with great big opinions, and they do say the darnedest things.

    I have a young teen in A Skeleton at Her Door. She and her slightly older brother belong to a single father. The father is dating a single mother. Raising children as a lone parent is difficult and coping with teens adds an extra burden. So when a father tries to teach his teens to abstain and they realize he isn’t, it creates some problems.

    Children are always wonderful additions to stories.They bring in an element that makes the story more real. They are in our lives. They belong to our friends. They live next door. They are where we are. They can make us cry, and they can make us laugh. And the best ones belong to us!
    E. Ayers


  2. I have learned to never say never. I said I would never put children in my romance novels but I have an adorable little girl named Daisy in my latest I’m working on, Defend My Love. Her mommy was in prison from the day she was born and Daisy isn’t too sure about the lady in her house saying she is mommy and spending her time with Daddy. She is so cute!!


  3. What a wonderful three weeks you had! I love that your eight-year-old granddaughter knows what a Kindle is. Kids are so funny. She probably thought she was teaching you!


  4. Carol, my three weeks went too fast, and are coming to an end tomorrow. I know I will allow myself a few tears after they leave and the place goes back to being quiet and neat, but without toys and laughs.


  5. I love books with children as characters. I’m pondering a new one to write as a Christmas story with a little girl in. (Gosh, I’ve just realised all three of my contemporaries have babies or children in them!) I laughed at the Kindle comment. It’s amazing what little children know these days.


  6. Helen, you should see my grandson. At 5, he is an expert with his dad’s iPad. And HE told me, that I should be careful not to drop the iPad because according to him I was not holding it the right way!
    Children add a cute note to books.


  7. Dear Mona,
    Your post made me laugh out loud. I can totally relate to eating something because I had to and I can just see your granddaughter looking at you like: “She made me do it.” So honest and open and real 🙂 Love reading about children in books. I also like writing them. Enjoy your summer and thanks for the instant mood lift!



  8. Hi Leigh, I’ve been noting their ‘good words’. So cute. Unfortunately, everything comes to an end. They are leaving tomorrow morning, and I won’t see them until Christmas. But at least, we had a fabulous time together.


  9. Hi Mona, My son is still a little too young to give me grandkids. Heck, he’s not married yet. That’s still a treat I look forward to. I love kids in books, especially when they get to speak their own minds.


  10. Mona, I am so Jealous!!! Your vacation with two granddaughters sounds like a dream come true to me–I have two sons and have longed for a little girl grandchild some day. I can see the promise just on the horizon since both boys have hit their 20’s.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful experience–and I’ll have to check out your book Babies in the Bargain!
    Stephanie Queen


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