Summertime and the Fishing is Easy…

One of the things I like best about growing up in a small town was fishing with my dad.

I’m sure I enjoyed the experience more than he did.  Fishing then was simple.  Find a worm, push it on a hook, and throw the line in the water and watch the red and white bobber until it turned and was pulled underwater.  That meant there was a fish on the line.

It was the waiting part that was hard for me…and my dad.

He demanded I remain silent…and still.

I’m surprised that he never tied me up and gagged me.

But fishing to a kid was exciting.  I wondered what fish did all day, where did they go, what else did they eat besides worms, why were a bunch of them called schools?

Then the bobber would go underwater.  What a thrill!  You’d hooked a fish, now the trick was to get it out of the water.  You had to gently turn the reel handle so that you wouldn’t lose the fish, too easy and you would lose it.  Too hard and you would lose it.  It was a challenge, which is the whole point of fishing.  If you were lucky, you landed the fish and got bragging rights, and maybe dinner.

Another challenge to fishing was my favorite part.  Casting.  To learn how to throw out the line and hit a certain area in the water, without getting the line snagged.  When using a bobber it was important that you didn’t throw the line overhand, but sideways.

I became an expert on undoing a snagged line.  Dad would have to help me sometimes when I’d throw a line up in a tree.  And I was famous for getting a snarled line.  For some reason the line would become a tangled mess.  I’d play with it until I would finally get the loops and knots out.  I learned a lot fishing.

My dad would walk up and down the streambed to find better conditions, but I usually sat in one place.  I think that was because he ordered me to stay there.  I was making too much noise and chasing the fish away!  LOL

What I put that man through.

But I learned a lot and spent quality time with my dad.  What could be better than that for a kid?

In my next book, Unconditionally, which will be released next month, fly fishing is a part of the story.  I can hardly wait to release this novella.  It started out as a screenplay and did well in contests, got a rave review from a major screenwriting guru, and I decided to flesh it out into a novella.

Here is a copy of the cover…


22 thoughts on “Summertime and the Fishing is Easy…

  1. I love the cover! If I’m going to sit still for so long, I’d rather do it with a book. I suppose you’ve heard the Brad Paisley fishing song. (If not, hurry to YouTube and watch it!) It always makes me laugh.


  2. I never did fly fish…Dad started that when he moved out west. He would tie his own flies and he is the basis for Earl in my novella ‘Unconditionally’…I be sure to report when it’s available. All those flies have different names, and it was amazing what he could do with a bit of feather and fur.


  3. Wow. Interesting! A fabulous cover… and a wonderful story. I never fished much with my dad, because he took it too seriously and I wanted to play. Like someone else already mentioned, if I were going to sit still, I’d much rather do it with a book in my hands. Although, I do love to eat fish. lol Great post!


    • I used to know the names of the fish where I lived in Maryland. Here in Louisiana I can identify a catfish and a crawfish…LOL


  4. Hi Pepper! LOVE LOVE LOVE the cover! My husband (then boyfriend) Steve taught me how to fish, but never fly fishing. My dad was a captain on a Great Lakes U.S. Steel oar freighter, and the last thing he wanted to do when he was home on vacation was be out on the water. Ha! I look forward to UNCONDITIONALLY!


  5. Hi Pepper, nice cover! I used to fish off the coast for various cod fish, in the lake for trout and off the rivers for steelhead – but I never could handle a fly rod 😉 Sounds like a great story! Good luck!


    • Thanks Dale…I’ve never fished in the ocean, unless you count ‘grunon hunting’ which might be misspelled. You caught them with your hands when they were ‘running’ on the beach in California to lay their eggs when the high tide came in. That particular night was exciting, my future hubby was with me, the waves were iridescent in the moonlight, and the grunon came in…by the fistfuls. It was wonderful!


  6. I LOVE the new cover and can’t wait to read the book.

    My dad taught me to fish in a small creek. Thinking back on it I doubt there was anything more than sunny to catch. I remember I caught three fish. One was tiny, and the next one ate it, and third one ate the double. Not sure if I was grossed out or excited about what happened. It’s something you don’t forget. As a teen, I often went fishing on a lake in Canada with my girlfriend and her dad. That was fun and what we caught was dinner. We’d fish from a canoe. You really do have to sit still. LOL

    Thanks for the memory nudge of times forgotten.


  7. Love the cover! Didn’t get the point of fishing. I wanted to go with Daddy, but he and others wouldn’t let me go with them. How can fish hear a kid talking when the fish are in the water and the kid is in a boat or on the shore? It worked fine since I always pulled out a book or sat and made up stories in my head. I really did like to talk!


  8. I’ve read the screenplay of Unconditionally, and the cover for the novella could not be more perfect. The reader will think about the story long after the last page has been read. Great job, Donna.


  9. Pepper, you have a lovely book cover. I never went fishing and always wondered how people had the patience to wait for hours on a peer with a fishing line in their hands. I can imagine you with your dad, trying to keep quiet. LOL


  10. Ack! I always thought fishing was a bore, but the men in my life love it. That’s why I have so much fishing “stuff” in my book Just One Look. The heroine and hero both love to fish, and my husband gave me all the fishing terminology about rods and such. When I was a girl and fished, we used a cane pole and wiggly worms which I was required to impale because Daddy didn’t go for the squeamish little girl thing at all.


  11. I love the cover (like everyone else!) for Unconditionally! I’m interested to read it and see how you transformed a screenplay to a novella. I’ll be writing a play over the next few months myself–signed up for a class in Playwriting. All dialogue sounds like fun to me. Am I in for trouble?
    Stephanie Queen


  12. Dear Pepper,
    Wonderful post. I fished a lot as a kid, not so much anymore though. I don’t remember ever wondering how the fish spend their days. You were obviously creating alternative worlds and stories early on! How cool. You novella sounds great – love the cover. Can’t wait to read it.



  13. Pepper, the cover for Unconditionally is beautiful. Love the crack in the ring! I never fished with my dad. My husband took me for the first time, and the first thing he said was quiet was important. Later, he taught my son to fish. Fishing was love at first bite! My grandson has had a fishing pole in his hands as soon as he could hold one. Fishing is wonderful for male bonding. Not to mention some ladies love fishing also. 🙂


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