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Location, Location, Location by Pepper Phillips

Do you ever wonder why authors pick a certain location for their books? In my latest release, Unconditionally, I picked a place that we visited once.  Calico Rock, Arkansas. Calico Rock was named that due to the cliff the town … Continue reading

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The End of Summer Means More Time to Read

Now that most of the kids have returned to school and we’re settling back into a routine, it’s time to start looking for that next new book. Tori Scott has a new release, Chemical Attraction, that’s a hot and sexy office … Continue reading

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What Romance Readers Want (a Guess by Stephanie Queen)

According to the best seller lists, one (meaning me) would think that readers wanted nothing but erotic romance novels of the “Shades” series ilk (commonly termed “Spank Books”). But drilling down into the data, mostly driven by my disbelief, I’m … Continue reading

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A different back-to-school by Mona Risk

All over the nation, children are preparing to go back to school, and exhausted mothers are counting the days with a subtle smile. Imagine if it’s a mom with two teenagers who’s preparing to go back to study for a … Continue reading

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Close to My Heart by Carol DeVaney

Over the years many people have made a mark on my life, but none so significant as my mom. I’m sure if I polled that statement, Mom would come in first in the highest percentage of voters. Good or bad, … Continue reading

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Thanks, Mr. Enright by Susan R. Hughes

The other day I came across my old high-school yearbook. Leafing through it, I found an inscription by my grade 12 Creative Writing teacher, Mr. Enright: Susan, do not let time force you into non-productivity. You have a message someone needs … Continue reading

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Rules of WRITE CLUB by Joan Reeves

Do you know the 1999 movie Fight Club? My sons – and my daughters too – love the Brad Pitt/Edward Norton film. It’s so much a part of pop culture that you see references to it in other TV shows. … Continue reading

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