Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

Today I taught the hubby to use Amazon to buy things off of my wishlist. Ever since the last child left home, I’ve had to tag along with him to Walmart to buy my Christmas gifts, so I haven’t had many surprises recently. I had hoped to change that, at least a little bit, by steering him toward Amazon with his very own, shiny new credit card.

What was I thinking?

Keep in mind he’s 61 years old, uses his computer for web surfing and photography-related stuff only, and has never tried to buy anything on Amazon, much less the external sites I added stuff to my wish list from. First I had to try to remember his Amazon password. That took a few guesses. Then I had to enter his new credit card and billing info. No problem, except that I saw what was in his cart when trying to get to the place where he needed to enter his password.

That was surprise spoiler number one.

Next he wanted to get something off one of those external websites I mentioned, but once he got the item in the cart, he was clueless again. So back I went to help him get through the checkout process.

That was surprise spoiler number two.

I already knew about my third gift, because I arranged for my daughter to get it for him myself.

Then there were the gifts the California boys had shipped here from Amazon. Addressed to me. That wouldn’t be a problem except that I had a bunch of stuff coming from Amazon as well, so in order to get my orders wrapped, I had to open all the boxes. Surprise spoilers 4, 5, & 6.

Oddly enough, I’m okay with this. I resigned myself a long time ago to the fact that the hubby doesn’t do shopping. He loves me, he’s a beautiful human being, and that more than makes up for his lack of shopping skills. So Christmas morning I will open my gifts, pretend I didn’t know what they were, and will get my enjoyment from watching him open his gifts–which will be a surprise.

What about you? Are you surprised on Christmas morning, or has the advent of the Amazon wish list taken all the mystery out of your Christmas gifts?

rsz_thechristmaswish_c bn

In my latest release, The Christmas Wish, Merry Peterson is far from home and facing her first Christmas alone. Then she falls right into Santa’s lap and he asks her what she wants for Christmas. Jason Wells might not be the real Santa, but he plays one for charity and he makes it his goal to make Merry’s Christmas wish come true.

And unlike my own personal hero, Jason loves Christmas shopping.

The Christmas Wish is just $1.99.


About Tori Scott

Author, former Golden Heart finalist, published by Red Sage, in Woman's World, and selected news media. I live near Dallas Texas and write sexy romantic comedy, contemporary small-town romance, and romantic suspense.
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15 Responses to Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

  1. E. Ayers says:

    Oh, that had me laughing! 1-2-3-4-5-6!
    I’d have to say that my husband was about as unromantic as they come. I’d drop hints. I’d drop bombs. I’d beat him over the head with that I wanted. He’d buy me a gadget that I swear he wanted to play with.
    Kitchen appliances do not count as Xmas gifts. Although I did suggest that we spend Xmas money for a new oven one year, if he wanted me to ever bake anything ever again. We bought it about a week before Xmas and spent Xmas day installing it. Yes, the whole day! Ever install a wall oven through a brick wall above the kitchen counter when the old hole doesn’t match with the new one? LOL The door on this oven opens sideways instead of down. I love it.
    Maybe you’ll find one more gift under the tree that will be a surprise.


  2. Jill James says:

    LOL I’m never surprised at Christmas. If I didn’t tell my family exactly what I want and take the husband shopping to get my presents, heavens only knows what I would get. Actually I do know. One year I told the daughter I liked the Backstreet Boys and I love their music. She got me a BS Boys calendar. hahahahaha Maybe if I was 16!


  3. susanrhughes says:

    Sounds very familiar!


  4. Tori Scott says:

    I have to admit that this year he’s trying very hard to get me what I want, even if I do know that the gifts are. I can hardly wait for Christmas so I can actually open them and put them on.


  5. Tiana says:

    Being a single mom if I didn’t buy for myself I wouldn’t get anything. I’m expecting very few surprises on Christmas morning.


  6. stephaniequeen says:

    Tori, like you, I love giving surprise gifts!! My husband and I have a big one lined up for our two sons this year–it’s so much fun plotting and scheming the surprise!
    In the mean time, I think you’re brave (and patient!) to try and teach your husband online buying!
    Merry Christmas!
    Stephanie Queen


  7. Tori Scott says:

    Tiana, my oldest daughter has the same problem. Her boys are still too young to do their own shopping, and her ex is a jerk who wouldn’t even consider taking them to buy something for her, so she rarely gets surprised. Even less so this year, because she and I did our Black Friday shopping side by side on Amazon, grabbing lightning deals, so she saw most of what I got her. I think next year I’m going to ignore the Amazon wish lists and buy stuff no one is expecting.


  8. Tori Scott says:

    Stephanie, you and your husband sound like great parents. This is one reason I miss my Dad. He always got me great presents.


  9. JoanReeves says:

    Torii, that is a very smart thing you did. I must teach hubby immediately. Love the cover of your Christmas book.
    Happy Holidays!


  10. wendyroberts says:

    I’m a single mom so the week of December nobody gets their allowances until I drop them at a store with a list of suggestions for mom. No item over $10 but I do end up with a few surprises 🙂


  11. Esther says:

    Wendy – priceless! What a great idea! For years my husband and I just gave each other a list of what we wanted – usually with instructions not to buy everything on the list, so there were some surprises. Now we no longer even do that, but I try my best to surprise him anyway. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.


  12. monarisk says:

    Tori, I’m sure you will enjoy your Christmas gifts. My husband and I don’t exchange presents. We even stopped buying for our son and daughter. Only the grandchildren receive gifts. We watched them open boxes and we take pictures and videos.


  13. leighmorgan1 says:

    Tori, your Christmas story sounds wonderful. Everyone needs a happy ending at Christmastime! I like to be surprised and give at least one surprise for my husband. Merry Christmas 🙂


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