I Have Retro Tendencies…(could it be my age?) By Stephanie Queen

My childhood hero Batman in his cool car

My childhood hero Batman in his cool car

I love TV Land, The Beatles, and bell flare bottom pants. If I had a million dollars I would have bid at the recent auction of the Bat Mobile from the 60’s TV show starring Adam West.  Shag carpeting is my flooring of choice and the last movie I saw was James Bond—in a small main street theater.

Speaking of Main Street – I adore towns with thriving main streets made for strolling on a Saturday afternoon (like this one where The Authors of Main Street hang). I moved to a place where I could walk everywhere—like I did as a kid.main-street3

So does this make me a throwback?  Let’s put it this way, if they had a club for those who appreciate the good old days, I would be the queen president.  My second favorite TV channel is American Movie Classics where I tune in regularly for Doris Day-Rock Hudson romantic comedies.  Did you ever see Pillow Talk?  I think this is where I say something like, ‘They don’t make ‘em like they used to,’ and then heave a big sigh.

SQ_Cover 4dInstead of joining a club to indulge my tendency, I wrote a book.  The Throwbacks.  The characters unabashedly adore old-fashioned pop-culture while living in this current new-fangled age of high tech gadgetry.  The heroine, Grace Rogers is a decorator who loves the movie Pillow Talk and refers to the dashing detective hero, David Young (irony) as Batman. I’m not even embarrassed by the retro character quirks.  After all, who among us doesn’t know and love a quirky character in real life?

But in real life all this nostalgia retro-love has been associated with old middle age rather than quirkiness—but should it be?  After all, lots of young people are wearing bell-BellBottomsbottoms flare leg pants—or over the knee boots. The last time I wore those I was –it was 1971. Plenty of twenty year olds love The Rolling Stones and The Who.

Of course, every time I see and hear those old groups I break out into reminiscences about…the good old days… when we were all not middle-aged young. What are your favorite retro things?

11 thoughts on “I Have Retro Tendencies…(could it be my age?) By Stephanie Queen

  1. I would love to have my 1971 body back so I could once again wear hip-hugger, bell-bottom jeans. We bought ours from the Army-Navy store, not Old Navy. We wore them with “crop tops” that either buttoned up and tied just under the breasts or else they fit with elastic hems. Hubby would like to see me get back into my velour hot pants and over-the-knee black boots. My favorite retro thing was Dr. Pepper with real sugar, not the corn syrup imitation. In glass bottles, not plastic or cans. And giant candy bars that cost a nickle. And 25 cent gas.Sigh, I’m craving Dublin Dr. Pepper now, but it too has gone away.


    • I remember hot pants! I had a pair in turquoise blue velour! I remember nickel candy bars and 25 cent gas too…of course I was too young to drive then– 🙂


  2. I remember buying gas and paying 27 cents a gallon, because I hadn’t paid attention to my gas gauge so I had to buy it at a different gas station than our local one in town, and thinking my father is going to kill me for buying such expensive gas! The local guy was much less.

    And I’m so ready for that 1970 body. The 1971 body was quite pregnant. I figure my old body is hidden here someplace. I just haven’t seen it in years. I loved those hip-huggers, but what the girls have today are a few inches lower. Um, how can they be a few inches lower? Um, really, ah, ours were low, but at least they covered our… But after going into that fancy underwear store with my granddaughter…never mind. LOL

    I think it was the dancing. It kept us skinny!


  3. We all danced up a storm back then, didn’t we? And we had LIVE bands–no DJs! Guess that’s why I like Zumba class so much (although it’s not working the skinny-magic…yet)


    • I’d Zumba my way to the Emergency Department with my knees. I’m trying to avoid that surgery. But occasionally I’ve been known to stick a few CD’s of old songs into the player and wiggle my best to the music. But you’ve got to back up a few years to get the real good oldies that make you want to twist and shout. Of course you can always hand jive while sitting at the computer. And probably everyone under the age of 55 thinks I’m talking about something else. LOL


  4. Loved Elvis, blue suede shoes, bell-bottom jeans, hot-pants, and dancing until we were breathless. I was much skinner when dancing was my favorite thing to do. 🙂 A group of friends piling into a car, pulling into the local drive-in for cherry cokes and milk shakes. What fun and how innocent I was. I wish our kids today could have cleaner and less dangerous fun.


  5. Stephanie, who doesn’t love all those movies with Doris Day and Rock Hudson or Elvis in Blue Hawaii or Jail House Rock? They’re fun and funny and just bring a smile every time I watch. Not too terribly long ago their was a song on the top 40 stations: Breakfast at Tiffany’s, that became very popular. I love that movie too, along with Charlie ~ classic. When I double my age, I guess that I can’t get around being “middle” aged, but I don’t see that when I look in the mirror and I don’t feel it on most days ;). I loved Charlie, To Catch a Thief (with Grace Kelly), Charade, Sabrina, My Fair Lady and one of my all time favorites~Roman Holiday as a pre-teen; Seeing these films, I was glued to the TV. And who doesn’t still love re-runs of MI or Emma Peel’s character in the Avengers? As a little kid, I loved Batman too…as cheesy as those old episodes are, I still laugh. I also own a pair of bell-bottoms I haven’t been able to part with ;). Just ’cause it’s old doesn’t mean it isn’t great! Your Throwbacks sounds wonderful. Thanks for the post. You made my day.


    • Oh Leigh! Audrey Hepburn is one of my all time favorites–I love all her movies.
      You were smart to keep those old bell-bottoms! Wish I had a pair of mine–not to wear–I’d frame them and hang them on a wall!
      Your comment made MY day!


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