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Do You Have It?

Do You Have It? More the question, what is It? Where do you find It? Does everyone have It? Are you born with It? It – is Charisma. Many people I admire have a personal Charisma. Sandra Bullock, Meryl Streep and … Continue reading

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After All this Time—What Do You REALLY Know About Me? by Stephanie Queen

It’s been almost a year since the Authors of Main Street began this blog and I introduced myself to you. Since you’re still out there after almost a year of nonsense blogs, I figured I should step-up our relationship to … Continue reading

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How often have we thought that things were unfair? That life was not worth living? I am an optimistic person and I often think that things happen for a reason. Yet last week I saw something at the airport of … Continue reading

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It’s All About Character

When I woke up this morning I had no idea what I was going to blog about. Oh, I’d thought about it, albeit in the back of mind, all month. I’ve been hitting the edits and re-writes for Defending Destiny … Continue reading

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Winter in Ottawa by Susan R. Hughes

I’ve lived in this city most of my life, so you’d think I’d be used to our long, brutal winters. But I think I hate winter more every year. Maybe it’s because I’m more crunched for time than ever. It takes too … Continue reading

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Get Your Flirt On by Joan Reeves

This was not only the week with Valentine’s Day, but it was also International Flirtation Week. That’s right, from Feb. 13 to 19, it’s time to get your flirt on. Outrageous and Courageous Flirting isn’t just for attracting a man … Continue reading

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Love is in the Air

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, which should be a happy day for those in love. But what about those don’t have a special someone, or have lost that someone? For them, Valentine’s Day can be especially depressing. I, for one, am … Continue reading

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