Romance is every day by Jill James

I am not the only woman who thinks my husband is the most romantic they know. I have lots of girlfriends who adore him and how he treats me. We will celebrate 25 years of marriage this June and he still calls me his ‘lovely bride’. It is the little things that add up to romance. A man doesn’t need the grand gesture; the champagne and strawberries, the world-wide vacation, the enormous diamond ring. Okay, we’ll take those things from time to time, but it is the little things we will remember years from when they occur.

rubber stampI came to my marriage after a disastrous live-in relationship. My self-esteem was at an all-time low from being not good enough to marry. So, I met my now husband, fell in love, and prepared to marry. One day we were in his office and he says he has something to show me and takes a rubber stamp out of a small box. You know, the one with your address to put on envelopes. Well, this one says Mr. & Mrs. RealName. I started crying. I had found someone who wanted to be Mr. & Mrs. with me. And was excited about it!!

Over the years there have been necklaces, bracelets, rings, and trips. There have been ballets, operas, and evening gowns. There have been surprise clean houses, surprise flowers on my car seat after a writers meeting, and surprise vacations. But, nothing means as much as that rubber stamp, proclaiming to the world that we are Mr. & Mrs. Somebody every time we use it.

Jill James, author of contemporary and paranormal romance
and a proud Mrs. to her Mr.


About Jill James

Jill is a published author with The Wild Rose Press and self-published with The Lake Willowbee Series. She enjoys reading just as much as writing. You can follow her on Facebook and Twitter @jill_james
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15 Responses to Romance is every day by Jill James

  1. Tori Scott says:

    Mine isn’t a big spender but Valentine’s Day was always his chance to do something special. When we were young and broke, I’d get things like a gardenia plant that he put outside our bedroom window (because I love the scent of gardenia), two steaks the year we were starving students with two little kids, living on bologna sandwiches (those steaks cost him several hours’ pay), a puppy. Now he’s more likely to opt for dinner and a movie, but I actually miss those little gifts that didn’t cost much but came from the heart.


  2. E. Ayers says:

    Over the years, I’ve watched many women get flowers, chocolate, diamonds, etc. Yes, they are wonderful gifts, but the best ones are often for no reason at all – just a way of saying I love you. But the best ones are the tiny, thoughtful things. That cup of coffee that’s brought to the bedroom with the wake-up call. That little appreciative hum and touch when passing each other. That special smile. My DH wasn’t much for saying I love you. He felt they were abused words and had lost their meaning. He let his actions convey his feelings. Like Houdini, he proclaimed his love in my wedding band.

    You got a keeper, Jill.

    I love the rubber stamp. What a way to propose!


    • Jill James says:

      Thanks. It is the little things. Every morning my husband kisses me good-bye at 4 a.m. Now, some women would be upset being woken up at that hour, but my husband is a cop and god forbid something should happen to him, my last memory will be of his kiss.


  3. My dh often leaves a flower on my computer keyboard…he’s the early riser and walks in the morning, his little gift makes my day. I generally surprise him with a box of chocolates. LOL He loves chocolate.


  4. leighmorgan1 says:

    Jill, your post made me misty. I love the small things as well. Like when I pick something outrageous out and my husband says with a smile, “someday.” It’s not that he says it, it’s that he means it and that means the world to me.


  5. bellastreet says:

    Very sweet, Jill!


  6. Carol says:

    What a wonderful hubby you have there, Jill. He’s so attentive. It is the little things that matter most of all. 🙂


  7. What a beautiful tribute to your long and happy marriage, Jill! I love those romantics. My husband knew I had a wicked sweet tooth and would buy me chocolate bars–even late at night in the dead of winter–but it wasn’t the chocolate bar that was sweet, it was the love notes and silly poems that he’d write up and stick inside the wrapper that made it really special.
    Men can be so wonderful!


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