How To Recognize An Author by Joan Reeves

Scents and Sensuality by Joan Reeves

Scents and Sensuality by Joan Reeves — Available Now!

Just this week I finally uploaded my long-awaited romantic comedy SCENTS and SENSUALITY. It’s live on Amazon now and will be on All Romance eBooks, iTunes, Kobo, Nook, and Smashwords any moment now.

This morning, as I looked around my office, I was struck by how…messy and cluttered it was.

There are stacks of printouts about perfume and the science of sex appeal and smell because Amanda, the heroine of Scents and Sensuality, is a perfumer.

More stacks of printouts about computer science and computer languages because Harrison, the hero, is a computer expert. Photographs that represent the characters taped to the closet doors, receipts to file, bills to pay, books on tables and the floor – and so much more.

Instead of launching a major clean-up campaign – shudder – I decided to write about it instead. After all, it’s more fun to write about cleaning than to actually clean!

Set Priorities

In truth, my office is a representation of my entire life when I’m immersed in writing a book. Lest you think I’m just slovenly, let me tell you about a visit I made, years ago, to a successful published author whose name is withheld to prevent embarrassment. When we walked into her house, she laughingly said, “Don’t mind the mess. I’m working on a book.”

Wide-eyed, I looked around. There probably wasn’t a clean dish in the kitchen; it seemed every dish in the house was dirty and stacked in the sink and on the counter. There were piles of clothes in the hallway. Sheets were half on and half off the bed. To me, it looked as if the house had been ransacked by experts intent on finding hidden treasure. At the time, I can remember thinking, “No matter how busy I get, my house will never look like this.”

Fast Forward

Pardon me while I hold my sides laughing at my hubris on that long ago day. Actually, my house doesn’t look that bad, but it won’t win any clean house awards. Ever. There is a lot of truth in the advice: “To be successful, you must focus on your primary goal.”

My author friend’s primary goal was to support her family by writing books. Today, my primary goal is the same. Since there are only so many hours in the day – 24 at last count – and only so much energy in me, some things fall by the wayside.

10 Ways To Recognize A Working Writer

1. Her house looks as if you’d need a shovel and a rake to clear a path.

2. Her yard is sandwiched between Yard of the Month contenders with hers looking as if it should have a sign planted in front that says, “Loser.”

3. Dishes are retrieved from the dishwasher until it’s empty then they’re stacked in again and washed without ever having made the journey to the cabinet.

4. Everyone knows to go to the laundry room and dig through the basket to find clean clothes – they hope.

5. Her husband whines when he sees the red Stouffer box on the counter.

6. Her kids don’t recognize her voice when she calls.

7. She spends no money at the gas station because she never goes anywhere.

8. Every morning she thinks about going outside for a walk in hopes of conquering the spreading derriere, but then she starts writing.

9. When someone comes over and starts talking about current events, like the new Pope, she says, “There’s a new Pope?”

10. When she becomes delirious with joy, puts on makeup, dresses in something other than sweats, and styles her hair, her husband says, “I see you finished the book.”

Thus is the life of a writer.

Post Script

In Scents and Sensuality, Amanda knows the Science of Smell. Harrison knows the Science of Computers. But what about the Science of Sex Appeal? Pulsing, throbbing, will-no-be-denied sex appeal! They discover first-hand that Desire leads to Sex… Passion… LOVE!

(Joan Reeves writes Sassy, Sexy Romantic Comedy. Her books are available at all major ebook sellers with audio editions available at Amazon,, and iTunes. Joan publishes Writing Hacks, a free subscription newsletter for writers, and Wordplay, a free subscription newsletter for readers. Info? Visit SlingWords or Joan’s Website.)

11 thoughts on “How To Recognize An Author by Joan Reeves

  1. Fabulous view of housekeeping, Joan!
    I admit that I like to have a certain amount of order–when I start. But things do tend to go downhill without me even realizing it until I get up from my desk one day and look around–really look around and see the fire hazard of papers I’ve created. Then I straighten it all up and start again.
    Crazy business we’re in!


  2. Sounds just like my house, but I blame my three children. The moment you clean up a room they come through like a tornado and mess it up again! So why bother?


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  4. Hello, Leigh. Yes, it was fun doing all the research, and I ended up buying some of the collectible perfumes I mention in the book. Ah, yes. I’m already working on the next book so the laundry is piling up again. *g*


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