Balance in Life

My husband often asks me to balance my time. To prove his point he showed me an article about the value of balance. According to that article, most of our troubles are due to imbalances, to which my husband strongly agrees.

We should divide our day in such a way we can balance work, family time, socializing, exercise, spiritual time, an???????????????????????????????d fun time.

Let’s do some calculation: If a person works eight hours a day, drives half an hour each way to work, breaks at lunch for an hour, exercises for an hour, and sleeps seven hours, this adds up to a total of eighteen hours. I assume the remaining six hours are used for family time, fun, socializing and spiritual time.

I am not sure in which category I can fit cooking, dinner, cleaning and laundry. Reading should go under the hour or two of fun time. And what about writing?

I am writing full time– or to be more accurate I sit in front of my computer full time. I can manage an hour to exercise or walk every day. I can cook twice a week and freeze, socialize two or three times a week. I don’t know if this is a balanced life. Considering there is so much more I want to do, I’m still faced with the same problem of balancing my time.

In theory, I think balancing one’s time is wonderful. Unfortunately I don’t believe you can be successful while dividing your time in multiple activities. I have always learned that to be successful you ought to give your main goal your 101%.

How do I do it? Instead of balancing my day, I try to balance my week. The weekend is for errands, grocery shopping, socializing, church. Monday is my cleaning day, advert???????????????????????????????izing, catching up on emails and blogs. On Tuesday I meet with my critique partners. Tuesday afternoon is dedicated to editing and revision. Serious writing continues on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Of course, this is an ideal schedule. But schedules are seldom followed and rules are made to be broken.

Yet some people manage to multitask and be successful at everything they do. If you are one of these fortunate people, how do you do it? How do you handle a full-time job, family responsibilities, and writing?


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10 thoughts on “Balance in Life

    • Hi Jill, would I have written this post if I found balance? LOL
      My DH went as far as putting a schedule for me. I honestly followed it for a few days to ‘find balance’. I ended up so stressed because I didn’t accomplished a thing!


  1. Dear Mona, I love post! It’s so funny that you should blog about balance today, when I’ve been thinking about it all week. I love Spring Equinox…not only does it bring in the light half of the year, but it reminds me that even in nature, rarely is there absolute balance. Only twice out of 365 days do light and dark balance. If that’s true, how can we expect that from ourselves? I love the idea of striving for a perfect week of well balanced activity. I’ve never been able to accomplish it, but trying gets things done too. 🙂


    • Thank you, Leigh. You make me feel better. You’re absolutely right. Even our Earth is out of balance. So why even try finding a balance that is so against nature? I’m way out of balance these days as I’m trying to finish book3 in the Holidays Babies series and typing as much as I can. It helps that I have a cold and I’m stuck at home.


  2. Unfortunately, I’m an unbalanced person and I don’t have a schedule. That’s the difference in being employed and being retired! My only “musts” are walking the dog every morning (he insists) and doing something writing-related every day. That works for me.


    • LOL Susan, don’t feel bad. This sounds so familiar. You have a family that demands your time. I do so many lists, and then I redo them the next day, and the next day. There’s always something more urgent or more interesting to top the priority.


  3. I sure understand your plight! I’ve given up structure, balance and schedule for the time being. There’s always someone or something to bow my planning out of the waters. I jump into each day and pray for the best. Whatever time I can grab for writing or anything else writing related, I applaud the hours invested. We’re energized bunnies! lol


  4. Mona, at this point I’d settle for balancing a month! Every day seems to be an out-of-the-ordinary day, but not in a good way. (Hey, that rhymes. I must be feeling poetical today.) *g*


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