Egg Knocking in Louisiana

egg knocking

There are two towns in our parish (county to the rest of America) that hold a yearly egg knocking for Easter.

Here’s a fantastic article on the event, that will give you more information. Lots of information, even stuff I didn’t know.

Local residents go to great lengths to find the ‘perfect’ egg. Some have special nutrients to produce the hardest egg shell that they can find in order to win.

One year my eldest daughter won the top prize. She’s really into it and actually owns chickens.

As you look at the picture, you can see that any age can play.

It’s great fun. You might want to introduce it to your family after your egg hunt.

11 thoughts on “Egg Knocking in Louisiana

  1. Pepper, egg knocking as you call it has been part of my Easter celebration for as long as I can remember. I continued it with my children and grandchildren. On Saturday before Easter, the children color the eggs and arrange them in a basket. On Easter day, one person holds the egg as shown in your picture and say Kristossanesti–Christ is risen, in Greek– and the other knocks it and say, Aristossanesti– He is truly risen. The one whose egg is smashed is the loser. The winner continues to smash as many eggs as possible. Happy Easter.


  2. Wow Mona, I’m impressed. Yes, when I boiled eggs, we would knock eggs among the family. Now for the egg hunt, I use plastic eggs. Since I need two hundred eggs this year, I surely don’t want to purchase and dye that many eggs, and what would I do with that many eggs???


  3. My son’s Godparent’s are Hispanic and when we go to Easter at their house they make empty eggs by blowing and filling with confetti and they crush them on each other’s heads. It is fun to see how many people you can get and everyone is confetti covered.


  4. What an interesting tradition–I’d never heard of egg knocking and the only kind of Easter eggs me and my family ever hunted were chocolate ones–which is not a bad thing to do either!


  5. I’ve never heard of egg knocking, but it sounds like fun! My in-laws use plastic eggs for their Easter egg hunts as well and it’s great fun. Happy Easter, Everyone. 🙂 Fun post, thanks!


  6. I was born in New Roads Louisiana; My family has been knocking eggs as long as my grandmother could remember..She lived to be 104..


  7. Easter egg traditions are so much fun. Yep. I’m from LA. too. Didn’t even call what we did by a formal name when I was a kid. We just did it. One D-I-L is Hispanic, and I love the confetti egg tradition. She and her family start weeks ahead of time with the eggs. By the time Easter rolls around, she can hardly stand to look at an egg!


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