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Pepper Phillips – Office Space Should Lead to Creativity

A writer’s office should reflect their personality and help them create. It’s a space where you can have the books you love around you. Where you can place items that will amuse, enchant, and move you. Here’s a glimpse of … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day Soon

For Mother’s Day 2008, I wrote the following post: Today I celebrated Mother’s Day as a daughter, mother and grandmother. My son-in-law invited four generations of women to lunch: my daughter and her two little daughters (4 and 2), my … Continue reading

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The Iris are blooming, so are my sinus cavities.

Don’t get me wrong. I love Spring. Spring is the most beautiful season of all. Birds sing louder and more often, because the heavens open, showers the earth and brings worms galore closer to the surface. 🙂 Sometimes it rains … Continue reading

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What Is A Romance Novel by Joan Reeves

What is a romance novel? As a reader, you may be surprised that the answer to that question frequently is under discussion by romance authors and the main organization of romance authors. Sure, you know that the romance novel is … Continue reading

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Rain, Rain, Go Away

It feels like it has been raining here for weeks. And it has, on and off. The last few days though have been relentless. The rivers near our home are flooding. Roads are closed. Farm fields are running black with … Continue reading

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My Favourite Movie Hero

Last weekend I watched Raiders of the Lost Ark, yet again. I’ve seen the movie (and its sequels) dozens of times, but whenever it comes on TV, I can’t seem to tear my eyes away. There’s something about Indiana Jones … Continue reading

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Texas is abloom by Jill James

This week the husband and I visited the son and daughter-in-law in Texas for son’s birthday. He is in the army at Ft. Hood. Texas is abloom right now with the state flower; Texas Bluebonnets. Being from California I’m used to … Continue reading

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