The Iris are blooming, so are my sinus cavities.

Don’t get me wrong. I love Spring. Spring is the most beautiful season of all. Birds sing louder and more often, because the heavens open, showers the earth and brings worms galore closer to the surface. 🙂 Sometimes it rains more often than we’d like, but that’s April and where would we be without gentle rains to wash away the pollen?

Our cars change overnight to a shade we don’t recognize. I emptied the vacuum cleaner filter, threw away the bag tinged with greenish-yellow pollen. In and out the house and leaving the door open until I can get my mom from the door to car, brought tons of pollen inside. Thank goodness for air cleaners!

A friend shipped one gorgeous white Iris bulb from North Carolina a few years ago. Now, there are probably more than fifty bulbs protruding from the small flower bed. The more I give away, the more they spread. I should sell them, but it’s much nicer to see a sweet smile on the face of an Iris bulb receiver.

Before the rain, I snapped this beautiful Iris in my yard. There’s a hint of lavendar on this perfect shaped flower.


During a short shower I snapped the photo below of my Muscadine Grape vine. I hope you can see the sparkling rain drops. The vine is still on my deck in the pot! I haven’t had time to plant, but hope to get it into the ground in the next day or so. The skin is tougher on a Muscadine than a regular grape, but if you’ve never eaten one the flavor will knock your socks off. 🙂 My mom used them to make jelly and jam. Wow, what a delicious spread for a hot buttered biscuit.


So…my sinus problem will go away. For now, the flowers make up for the pollen explosion we all shared.

I wish you many happy blooms and veggies from your garden.

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About Carol

Carol falls in love with every character she writes in her books. She loves basing them on the good and the bad personalities that make up life. That's what makes them real. Carol feels as though she’s in a movie when visualizing characters and she jumps right onto the page with them. Often the theme of her books is forgiveness. Whether planned or not, forgiveness sneaks its way into her stories. That's okay, because Carol believes forgiving others is essential. She favors a great story, with slices of twists that cause her to reflect on the problems life throws at us and how we react. Carol believes in happy endings. Humor is a big part of her stories and daily routine, and yes, she laughs a lot! Travel is one of her favorite things to do. She dabbles in art, always has popcorn and hot chocolate on hand. Carol is a small-town girl at heart and her stories are peppered with a dose of humor, based on Southern roots. She currently resides in Georgia with her husband and family.
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9 Responses to The Iris are blooming, so are my sinus cavities.

  1. susanrhughes says:

    I can’t wait to start gardening! Love the iris.


  2. Gardening is soul soothing. Have fun with yours! Thanks on the Iris. They’re all gorgeous.


  3. monarisk says:

    You have beautiful flowers, Carol. Enjoy them. I like to smell the flowers, but for the life of me, I’ve never been able to plant or grow anything but mint and weeds.


  4. leighmorgan1 says:

    Carol, I love the line: “The more I give away, the more they spread”. Fabulous! I can’t wait to plant. Enjoy the rest of your Spring and may your summer produce many blooms!


  5. Joan Reeves says:

    Carol, I’m late reading your post, but I loved it. A lot of my landscaping exists because of the generosity of friends and relatives. I have yellow iris that I’ve transplanted from yard to yard with every move. Originally, they came from a neighbor back in the 1990’s. The purple iris in my yard came from my mother-in-law who passed ten years ago. Every time I look at the beautiful blooms, I think of her. Thanks for a lovely post that made me think of the origin of all of my blooming plants.


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