Mother’s Day Soon

For Mother’s Day 2008, I wrote the following post:

Today I celebrated Mother’s Day as a daughter, mother and grandmother. My son-in-law invited four generations of women to lunch: my daughter and her two little daughters (4 and 2), my son’s daughter (3) visiting from Chicago, my mother and myself.

Four Generations on Mother's Day 2008

Four Generations on Mother’s Day 2008

Lunch was lovely. We ignored the spilled glass of orange juice, the I-don’t-like-it whining, and the crumbles forming a hidden mess under the table.

It took fifteen minutes to organize the ladies for the picture of the century. Moving my mother and her walker to a strategic place, and then having her hold on the rail of the entrance stairs wasn’t too difficult, but gathering three laughing, squealing and squirming little girls and having them stand still for two seconds was an enormous challenge. But the effort was worth the pain. The children are growing too fast and we don’t know how long we will be blessed with my mother’s presence.

I hope all the mothers reading this blog had a great day today.

Sometimes Mother’s Day is a difficult time. I know it is extremely difficult for my cousin who lost her mother a week ago. For her and her family, Mother’s Day consists in a trip to the cemetery to deposit flowers on a fresh grave.

Unfortunately, time flies. My mother left us for a better world in September 2010. There isn’t a day that passed without me thinking of her. Next month, I will travel to Ohio to visit my parents’ graves and tell them I haven’t forgotten them.

I recently wrote a sweet humorous novel titled MOTHER’S DAY BABIES. No it’s not my mom’s story but I know she would have smiled and laughed while reading it. She read my first three books and loved them, unfortunately she couldn’t read the others.

Enjoy your mothers and enjoy your day as a mother.

This book is dedicated to the mothers we celebrate and those we remember with love.

WMDB MD-idowed for seven years, Barbara Ramsay lives and breathes for her five grownup daughters and their babies. She’s also used to chatting over the phone with her good friend, Lou. But why has he invited her to come to Paris with his TV Network crew?

Powerful News Director, Lou Roland is certainly not marriage material, yet he has suddenly decided he wants Barbara in his arms. Not an easy task when his pretty confidante from Kentucky proves so difficult to date—unless he follows her rules. Can the over-fifty confirmed bachelor and the widow loyal to her husband’s memory find true love and share a future?


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