Pepper Phillips – Office Space Should Lead to Creativity

A writer’s office should reflect their personality and help them create. It’s a space where you can have the books you love around you. Where you can place items that will amuse, enchant, and move you.

Here’s a glimpse of mine.


I bought the desk and computer cabinet from an office supply store and managed to put them together myself.


This is the night view with the lights on.  I put a sheet of glass on top, installed a light underneath so that the glass vases on top would be highlighted.  I love the look at night.  Here’s a close-up of one of the sections.


The green picture frame holds a picture of my first son…taken a few days before he was ill and in the hospital for a month.  He received the last rites. A very scary period of my life. Thank heavens he recuperated.


Here’s a delightful item I purchased that even has it’s own working light. She’s holding a baby bear on her lap.


This bookcase is located to the right of my desk. The leprechaun is my ‘muse’…LOL


This filing cabinet is also on the right hand side of the desk.  There is a door between the filing cabinet and the bookcase above.  On top is my ‘romance writer’ hat.  I have worn it in public…once.  It did get the stares.


The forward left hand corner holds Rob…a almost life-size poster board that I managed to get at a Romantic Times Convention.  The lady who won it came by plane and auctioned it off.  I drove a car…and he’s mine.


At the corner of my desk sits Alf, the little sofa opens up and there is a hidey hole there to hide stuff.  Unfortunately, there’s nothing there.


I couldn’t resist this sign.


This is my world.  I hope you enjoyed this little tour.

About Pepper Phillips

Writer of Sassy Southern Romance Novels
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26 Responses to Pepper Phillips – Office Space Should Lead to Creativity

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  2. lynncahoon says:

    Pepper – that’s a Boyd’s Bear, right? I love those guys. Used to have a teacher one when I was a trainer, but I think it got lost.


    • No. It’s a GUND, with the name of Clyde. I picked that up at a garage sale for three dollars. I asked the young girl if she was sure she wanted to sell it, and she said yes. I didn’t ask twice.


  3. Dale Mayer says:

    Hi Pepper – love the glimpse into your office and your life! I’m working in a corner of my living room still! One day…


  4. I love it, Pepper! Very nice. Especially your manly “muse” in the corner. lol
    Love the wall color. So soothing. What a great place for writing! I’m jealous, because I still writing in the corner in my bedroom.


  5. Jill James says:

    Pepper, thank you for the tour into your writer world. It is so warm and quaint looking.


  6. Great to have a peek inside your writing space. Lovely. Like Dale, I’m working in a space in my family room, but it belongs to me for now.


  7. When you think about it, it’s only a space. Writing is the main key, no matter where you might have to sit. Marilyn Durham wrote “The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing” on her ironing board, and didn’t even tell her family that she was writing! It became a movie back in the early 70’s.


  8. Edie Ramer says:

    Wow! Pepper, your office is pretty amazing. And so clean! I’m impressed.


  9. Love your office space. My son would love the Alf section. My space isn’t nearly as neat! Not yet anyway. I clean, I mess. 🙂


  10. Brit says:

    Loved the glimpse into your “space”. I have plenty of room, as in many rooms here…but I’ve set up a desk in the familyroom. I don’t even take up the whole desk, I perch at one end of it. I think I should make a more permanent nest, but I can’t get in the mood for it.


  11. leighmorgan1 says:

    Pepper, I love your creative space. So beautiful and so uncluttered! You are my hero 😀


  12. marymarvella says:

    Color me green and impressed!


  13. Tori Scott says:

    Love your office. Mine is too small to do much with it, but I do have a framed poster with my first 10 book covers on it and a framed copy of my Woman’s World story along with the magazine cover. Three framed inspirational quotes hang on either side and underneath it. The rest is a mess. 🙂


  14. monarisk says:

    Pepper, I love your office. I love mine too. LOL. I fixed it last week and forgot to take pictures. Now it’s a mess again. I can’t write in any other place.


  15. C. K. Crouch says:

    Pepper I love your office mine is the couch across from the TV roflmao. What can I say the laptop is where I land and usually work.


  16. So tidy and beautiful! My office looks like a bomb went off in a craft store, a bookstore and Staples. LOL! (Although I do have some stuffed animals hanging around on shelves, too!) 🙂


  17. susanrhughes says:

    Here’s what you’d see in my office: a computer desk, a treadmill, a TV, a sofa ripped up by our cat, a workbench covered in tools, a washer and dryer, baskets full of clothes, a wine rack, shelves overflowing with toys and puzzles, spider webs in every corner … oh yeah, it’s called the basement.
    LOL – I’m so envious when I see yours! Maybe someday I’ll have a room of my own.


  18. Anonymous says:

    My office is old fashion nothing fancy like yours: I have an old TV with a DVD, toys for the grand-kids to play, the walls are an ugly color as well as the carpet since I rent. LOL Maybe one day that will change and I’ll have a room like yours. I don’t have a laptop since I have an old-time computer…like I said, everything is old-fashion, but I’m blessed in other ways. LOL


  19. stephaniequeen says:

    Bet you paid a pretty penny for that Rob poster! He looks pretty real in the picture!


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