My Writing Space – Jill James

I recently moved up to my son’s old room (Army) so I now have Raiders wallpaper in my office. I had to do some rearranging of my stuff too. I like to be surrounded by controlled chaos. Lots of stuff, but all in its place. I clean the office between books. That is like a sign that one is done and another hasn’t been started yet. LOL

deskAs you can see, I love to be surrounded by stuff. I use the window sill to have family pictures and knickknacks close by. My reference books are on the right and my inbox and day planner on the left. My view is a giant cherry tree.

bookcase 1bookcase 2

I have two giant bookcases. These are for more knickknacks and my hard cover books. A few dolls and childhood treasures sit on there too, along with some family pictures.

corner 1To the left of my desk is this corner with family photos, space patch, Starship Enterprise hologram, programs from Broadway shows, and my poem on a plaque.




corner 2The corner to the right of my desk has my telescope and my plotting board. Love the pretty colors! LOL





book coverI got this for my birthday one year. Karin Tabke had Rae Monet, the cover artist make it for my birthday (way before Tempting Adam was published). It was for incentive to keep trying!

Thanks for checking out my writing space.

19 thoughts on “My Writing Space – Jill James

  1. I love your board with the coloured papers! Though I am more one for lots of clear, empty space – I stick everything in my office in one big cupboard and keep the doors closed so nothing falls out, and then I have all this huge empty space around me…



  2. Bright and cheery. Looks like an inviting place to write. I live with my son so I don’t really have an office. I use the family room since I’m usually the only one here, and I’m surrounded by windows to look out. But, it’s not an office to call my own. Enjoy yours!


  3. I love your office Jill. I, too, used my son’s room as an office when I still lived in the family house. And I like your pictures and knickknack. I have more.than my share.


  4. Love your office, Jill. I have a huge office. We turned the garage into a den years ago. Eventually I moved my office in there and hubby moved out! He took over the living room. Not crazy about that, but he’s okay with me taking over the den. Can’t complain too much. But…my mom lives with us now. My office has become the living room sofa and footstool! Sometimes it’s the dining room table. You don’t want to see a photo of either room. I have a plotting board, but need to find it.


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