Have you ever wondered how life would’ve treated you, had you been born in another time, another place?

I have.

I’ve often wondered why I feel this way. Maybe it’s because I’ve experienced chapter after chapter phases, life has thrown my way. That’s the way it is. Pure and simple. That’s life. One obstacle course after another.

If I live life to it’s fullest, I can’t escape its ups and downs of human survival. And…there has been one valley after another to walk and one mountain after another to climb. I know this is normal. Do I like it? Not much. 🙂 I’d rather live on the mountain top where the air is sweet and the clouds drift in and caress my cheek. But, that’s for dreamers.

I, too, dream.

This week, my dreams lengthened in the form of sadness, but hope, for my brothers and sisters on this earth. My heart aches for the people of Oklahoma, their losses and devastation at what they’ve endured while tornadoes ripped through their town and took away, for most, all they had. Some are left with the clothes on their backs or little else. So I dream a better life for them, and pray that God will ease their heartaches and prepare them for the struggle that lies ahead.

For now, Another Time, Another Place isn’t important, except that I’m thankful and happy that all my family are safe. That’s all that really matters. Things can be replaced, but the loss of a loved one remains forever.

On a note of what I intended to post, is that I’d love to live in a rambling Victorian home and have as much time to write as possible. The time matters not.

Do you wish for another way of life?

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About Carol

Carol falls in love with every character she writes in her books. She loves basing them on the good and the bad personalities that make up life. That's what makes them real. Carol feels as though she’s in a movie when visualizing characters and she jumps right onto the page with them. Often the theme of her books is forgiveness. Whether planned or not, forgiveness sneaks its way into her stories. That's okay, because Carol believes forgiving others is essential. She favors a great story, with slices of twists that cause her to reflect on the problems life throws at us and how we react. Carol believes in happy endings. Humor is a big part of her stories and daily routine, and yes, she laughs a lot! Travel is one of her favorite things to do. She dabbles in art, always has popcorn and hot chocolate on hand. Carol is a small-town girl at heart and her stories are peppered with a dose of humor, based on Southern roots. She currently resides in Georgia with her husband and family.
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  1. Mona Risk says:

    HI Carol, you have an interesting question. To live in another time? No way. In spite of the continuous problems, I find our time quite comfortable. Another place? I’ve traveled to so many countries but I’m always relieved to return home. God Bless America. Our life here is so easy compared to other parts of the world.


  2. susanrhughes says:

    What I’d like is a time machine so I can visit other times (and places) but come back home. Saves on research!


  3. Tori Scott says:

    Another time? No, not really unless maybe I could go back to the early 80’s and start my writing career then. Another place? I’ve thought and thought about where I’d live if I won the lottery. Ireland? Scotland? Canada? But all my family is here, and that’s where I want to be. I’d like to visit other times and places, but I think I’ll live right here until the time I cross over to a new and better place.


  4. Carol says:

    Around family is where I want to be also. Yes, one day we’ll cross over to that final place. Can’t wait!


  5. leighmorgan1 says:

    I think I’d like the opportunity to visit and the ability to come back to my time and place whenever I wanted to, but I wouldn’t like to give up what I have here and now for anything past or an uncertain future. Interesting question.


    • leighmorgan1 says:

      I had fun thinking up possibilities! Thanks 🙂


      • Carol says:

        Interesting thoughts, Leigh. Travel back and forth would be eye opening, I’m sure. lol Regardless of how our lives play out, we’re all in agreement that this time is where we want to remain. It is fun to think of a different way of life. 🙂


  6. E. Ayers says:

    That rambling Victorian? LOL I have a pre-Victorian that has updated Victorian features. That just means it’s big and old. But I still never have enough time. My things-to-do list keeps growing, and it seems I can never get caught up.

    I’d love to change the way I live. There are things that I want. A few are material, but not all. Life isn’t stagnant. It keeps moving and I must keep moving with it.

    I’d love an instant travel machine. That Star Trek machine that could beam me around. Maybe add a genie in a bottle who could fix things. But there are no such things, at least not yet. So until then I will put one foot in front of the other. I count the good things that I do have. Because when I look around, I realize how lucky I am. As I lay my head on the pillow, my imagination can whisk me away.

    There are way too many people on this planet who probably can’t imagine time machines. They are too busy wishing for clean water and food to fill hungry bellies. To them, a shiny kitchen with a fancy faucet that delivers clean water to a deep sink must seem unreal. The luxury of standing in a shower and allowing water to flow unheeded over their bodies, has to be very strange.

    Yes, I wish for more. I want to go places and do things. I want it in the snap of my fingers, but it doesn’t work that way. So until it does, I’ll keep plodding along because my life really isn’t that terrible that I need to escape it. But I surely could use a little wind in my back as I climb the mountains.


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