My dream office

For years, I used either my son’s– or later my daughter’s– bedrooms for office, but I had to vacate the place when they came home for a visit. Surprisingly, it’s when we moved from the big house into an apartment that I designed my own office. And I share it with my dream hero. You see, I hate to be stuck alone in an office with my husband watching TV or more exactly dozing in front of it in a ???????????????????????????????different room. So we both enjoy this office.

My big desk is very heavy, an antique that was left in the apartment by the previous owners who couldn’t move it. My husband’s laptop sits on a black glass table. His yellow chair came to us from an old uncle. I like the mix of traditional and modern furniture in this room where every piece holds a memory or represents a special moment.

I use the left side with the desktop computer and big monitor. My chair is cushioned with a special therapeutic back support that belonged to my father thirty years ago. I kept it preciously. It helps me a lot.

???????????????????????????????The FTHRW chapter offered me the white, pink, and red silk flowers for making PRO, contests wins, books published. I cherish theses flowers that represent my achievements as a writer and I keep them in a Morano vase I bought in Italy. In the big plastic box under the credenza I save cards, pictures and memorabilia. Space is very limited in an apartment.

Under the window you can see the cherry wood desk my husband gave me many years ago when I graduated with my PH.D. in chemistry. The little laptop is the one that travels with us. We also use it as a back up. My husband is a computer wizard who’s networked all computers. I’m not supposed to touch any wire under my desk!

???????????????????????????????I have to confess that my desk rarely looks so neat. It took me three days to organize and clean its top so I could see the desk wood. I frame the monitor with pictures of my grandchildren. The big mug has the  avatars of my first on-line friends from the Playground loop. By now, all its members are published with several NY bestsellers and Rita winners.

The bookcase behind my husband’s glass table holds my dictionaries, craft books, my father’s books, and French books I like to keep–all half-hidden behind many framed pictures.


On top of the bookcase we keep a maquette of the first plane my husband sold, his bigger tennis trophy and a framed picture of me with VP Al Gore at a VP fund-raiser I attended on behalf of my company president in 1995.

So this half of the room is the office. The other half is our family room.

My husband’s old stereo system that he’ll never let go sits on a file cabinet. The sofa bed the kids use when they visit faces the TV. I keep on it a therapeutic massage mattress I use for half an hour at night. On the??????????????????????????????? back of the sofa, a bear that was a gift from my Playground friends. The bear is dressed as the hero of my first published book, To Love A Hero, General Sergei Fedorin. My grandchildren know they are not allowed to play with Nonna’s bear, only hold it for one minute!

Beside my bear is a small pillow, with Too Many Books, Too Little Time, gift from a dear writer friend.


Across from the sofa is the TV and another bookcase with my own books, autographed friends’ books and a lot of novels I want to keep–and always a lot of frames and knickknacks around the books.

Above the TV a caricature,  Mona The Chemist, done many years ago when I was still working on my Ph.D, and next a picture of the house where we lived for 25 years, and a picture of my first book.

When I write, my husband use headphones to listen to the TV which is alomost behind my back and doesn’t distract me. Besides, when I write I become deaf to my surroundings.

When my grandchildren are visiting, my office/family room become their playroom and the TV is on all day on Dora, or Thomas the Train, or any shows they want.


And now let me introduce you to the view that inspires me when I write.

And our beautiful sunsets.


It’s in this office that most of my books were composed.

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17 thoughts on “My dream office

  1. Nice set up, Mona! My hubby has his own office that he built in the garage so he could play his guitar without bothering me, and listen to the Blogtalk radio shows he likes. I like having my own office, but I really got to where I missed him. But when he broke his foot and couldn’t get out to his office, I set up a small folding table in my office where he has his laptop and my old office chair. It worked out so well that even now that his foot has healed enough for him to go to his own office, he sits in here with me every afternoon for about three hours and we talk..about all kinds of things.
    Best of both worlds.


  2. I carry my laptop with me and write where I end up. I don’t have a dedicated “office” although I do have a dedicated desk and area of my room with could accommodate one. Sure fun to plan what it would look like though, if and when I decide to create one. Loving these glimpses into others’ writing spaces. Thanks! Have a great weekend.


    • Hi Leigh, as long as your muse is productive then the office or desk are not important. For years, I wrote where ever I could but it was fun to organize my office.


  3. I could never share my office with the DH. It would be too distracting! He has one of the bedrooms downstairs which we made into his TV/Computer + easy chair + comforter behind the chair for Rascal + dog crate for Rascal, which she mostly uses now for getting drinks of water, though she has a bowl in the kitchen. He watches daytime TV while I do my writing and promo, then we both watch the larger TV together at night, unless sports is on, which I can’t stand watching. I’m in the dining room with my desk and computer during the day. It’s in the open, but I like being in the middle of the room flow, and not tucked away. I listen to the radio while at the computer.

    Morgan Mandel


    • Hi Morgan, when I write I concentrate so much I don’t pay the slightest attention to my surrounding. If I’m working on a story, my DH uses the headphones and I can’t see the TV from my chair. I hate staying by myself in a room.


  4. I can’t imagine sharing office space like that, either, especially face to face. Too distracting! I have written with more distractions but I’m very grateful to now have my own space with a door that closes. Nice view!


    • Hi Maggie, thank you for stopping by “my office,” Yes every piece is important and holds memories, even the purple and white afgan I crocheted years ago. Can you imagine I can’t reproduce the stitch! I tried so many times to no avail.


  5. I love your office. And that view! Wow!

    I now sit at my husband’s big desk, use his chair, and his computer. My computer is close to 20 YO, so it sits unused. There’s a third computer in this room that is slightly older than mine. Photos of our grandchildren cover the walls. Those pics were taken when they were little and now they are grown. It’s very quiet around here.

    The office a dedicated room. My husband often worked from home. But just having him nearby was wonderful. We’d sit for hours and say nothing. Both working diligently. I’d be writing, and he’d be programming. If one of stood up, we’d check the other’s coffee cup and then refill it. Wordless touches on the shoulder or a kiss silently planted on the nape of the neck as we passed each other.

    Today the dogs curl up at my feet to keep me company. They don’t talk. LOL So I’m alone with my stories and characters. Except I really am alone. But sometimes I think he’s watching over my shoulder, reading what I’m typing. Energy flows in this room and my imagination is my only limitation.

    Except it would take me more than three days to clean this room up! But if anyone comes to the house, I can just close both sets of doors and ignore the mess.


  6. E. I’m sure your DH and best friend is watching over you. I’m sure you can feel his presence next to you. You must have wonderful memories tucked in this room. I do too and I cherish every moment. No dogs or pets are allowed in my building. I have my DH and my pictures.


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