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BBQ Side Dish – Three Bean Salad

This is one of those dishes that are easy to make, best to make the day before, and it’s delicious. This recipe serves four to six and is super easy to double or triple depending on the crowd you need … Continue reading

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Homemade Ice Cream – The Summer Treat

Many years ago I found a quick and easy ice cream recipe in my local newspaper. It was delicious.  Light with a slight fruity taste, it was delightful. Then somehow, I lost the recipe. It’s taken me over twenty years … Continue reading

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Special Meals

I’ll never forget the scrumptious holiday dinners prepared by my grandmother for her six daughters, her son, their spouses, and children. The elaborate affairs lasted a few hours with wine or beer served with the food among loud chatter and … Continue reading

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Southern Potato Salad

Since I haven’t taken time to make the salad for a photo, I grabbed this photo from MorgueFile. As much as I love most types of food, I’m a Southern gal and partial to Southern food. We Southerners crave delicious … Continue reading

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Stephanie Queen’s Summer Fun Recipe

by Stephanie Queen Let’s have a party—or as they used to say in Latin—a festa! (well, someone must have actually spoken Latin—besides doctors and lawyers—back in the old-old days, right?) In these lazy hazy summer days of pool parties, picnics … Continue reading

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Lazy Summer Days by Joan Reeves

To twist a Steinbeck title, “This is the summer of my discontent.” You see, I’ve spent the last few months in an assortment of delightful activities like jury duty, taking family members in for surgery, de-cluttering the house, giving said … Continue reading

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Cooking in the Mountains

BBQ or any kind of meal preparation that involves fun and the outdoors is always more about enjoying the company of those I love than the food itself, although that is important too. This season, summer into early fall, is … Continue reading

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