The Wedding

Samantha stood in front of the mirror and fought tears. She’d never felt prettier yet suddenly everything seemed wrong. Tess was still fussing with her train.

“Stand still for five seconds, Sammie, this is twisted.”

Samantha looked over her shoulder. “What’s wrong?”

“The pearls are tangled in each other. Don’t move! Can’t you see? It’s stuck.”

“How did that happen?”

“It must have happened on the ride over here.”

“Please hurry. They are playing music.” A butterfly tumbled from her heart into the pit of her abdomen.

“Okay, wait here. Don’t move a muscle.”

Samantha heard Greg’s voice. Her hands were shaking. How could her train have gotten so tangled into itself? Oh, please! I don’t need this!

Tess returned with Tina who put her hands on her hips. “What did you do?”

“I didn’t do anything. Please, I need it untangled.”

“Oh, you don’t want me to touch that mess. If I try, you’ll be missing half your pearls. I just can’t believe you’d let this happen to her, Tess. You’re the Matron of Honor, you’re the one who is supposed to be taking care of her!”

“Blame me, as if I’ve done this to her on purpose.” Tess ran her fingers over her forehead. “I hooked it up just the way the woman at the shop showed me.”

Tina stomped out of the room. “You guys figure it out.”

Samantha looked at her best friend. “Get Mona. She’ll help.”

Tess took off and Samantha tried to take a few deep breaths. A few minutes later, Mona and Tess returned.

“Please help!”

“Oh, darling, you do have a problem.”

Tess pulled up a chair. “Here, Miz Risk.”

Mona sat, looked at the bunched fabric, and put on her reading glasses. “This is going to take patience.”

Samantha heard the music stop and heard the minister say that there was a slight delay because of a wardrobe malfunction. Great! Now everyone is going to think that the girls fell out of the top of this dress. As if I had enough to fall out!

“What are you mumbling about, Sammie? Tess asked.


Tess’ daughter, Ana, poked her head in the door. “What wrong? Miss Sammie?”

She ground her teeth, wanting to shout at everyone and use every curse word she knew. Instead she swallowed and answered her junior bridesmaid. “My train is tangled.
“How’d that happen?”

She sucked in a deep breath and blew it out slowly. “Please don’t ask.”

Ana came over and stood beside Mona. “You’re doing it the wrong way.”

Mona raised her eyebrows.

“Like this.” Ana took the material and in a few seconds the train was lying flat on the floor.

Samantha grabbed a tissue from the box and tied to blot her eyes without messing up the fabulous job Brooke had done on her makeup. “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

“Shall I tell them you’re ready?” Mona asked?

“Give us two minutes to catch our breaths,” Tess answered for Samantha. “Ana, thank you. I have no clue what you saw or how you did it.”

Ana shrugged and left the room.

Samantha looked at her best friend. “I’m shaking like a leaf.”

“Oh, that’s normal. If this is the only thing that goes wrong today, you’re getting off easy.” Tess handed Samantha her flowers. “Are you ready to get married?”

She nodded.


 Samantha stood off to one side and watched as everyone filed out of the vestibule in pairs. Her little, last minute, flower girls each carried a single pale silvery-pink rose. Butterflies danced in her stomach, but when she looked at her dad, she realized his anxiety was ten times worse. He had his finger in the neck of his shirt and his chin faced the ceiling. He was nothing but an old softy, and probably trying to hide tears. “Ready, Daddy? Can you get my train? Otherwise, I’ll never get around this corner.”

Her father rushed to pick up lace train.

She wanted to laugh at him. He could unclog a toilet as if it were nothing. But pick up a piece of lace? He acted as if it would singe his fingers.

As she made the turn and faced the crowd in the church, there was the sound of people turning and then the hushed tone of approval. Her father offered her his arm and the music changed.

“Now,” the pastor’s wife instructed.

Samantha smiled as she walked down the aisle. She tugged on her dad’s arm and stopped long enough to give her Great-aunt Naomi a kiss. Crazy old lady. Samantha’s smile grew wider when she saw her mother. Together they had worked hard to lose a few pounds for the wedding, but her mom had lost almost thirty. She’d never seen her mom look as good as she did today.

Her father paused and Greg took her arm.

She beamed at him. This was it. This is what she had wanted since she was a little girl. The rest of the ceremony was a solemn blur. She barely remembered saying, “I, Samantha Hunter…”

Greg put his arms around her and kissed her. Total joy flowed through her body. Nothing mattered anymore. She was Greg’s wife, and it was time to party!


Stop back tomorrow for the wedding reception.  Because this group knows how to have fun!

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3 Responses to The Wedding

  1. Jill James says:

    Oh, I love it. I can just picture the lovely bride and the look of love on the groom’s face.


  2. Carol says:

    Love that you started with a problem. So natural for things to go wrong. Now that Samantha and Greg are man and wife, can’t wait for the reception. 🙂


  3. monarisk says:

    Wonderful. What a great ceremony. Hey, I was there. LOL!!!


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