Homemade Ice Cream – The Summer Treat

three six ice cream

Many years ago I found a quick and easy ice cream recipe in my local newspaper.

It was delicious.  Light with a slight fruity taste, it was delightful.

Then somehow, I lost the recipe.

It’s taken me over twenty years to find that recipe again, and here it is.

Six Three’s Ice Cream

Three cups of cream

Three cups of milk

Three cups of sugar

Mix sugar and milk together until sugar dissolves

Three mashed bananas

Three oranges, juiced

Three lemons, juiced

Mix all together and freeze according to your machine directions.

That is it!

Super easy, except for mashing and squeezing and mixing.

How could I forget such an easy recipe?

Now to find the fantastic cake recipe that used to be on the back of a yellow cake mix box…it had crushed pineapple and mandarin oranges in it.  If you have it, please share.  Please, please, please…it was so delicious and would go perfect with this ice cream.



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10 Responses to Homemade Ice Cream – The Summer Treat

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  2. Carol says:

    This recipe makes me want to pull out my rarely used ice cream maker! Great easy ingredients. I’ll have to share. 🙂 Sorry I don’t have the cake recipe.


  3. Jill James says:

    For many years our family had the old-fashioned crank ice cream maker. It finally broke one day and could not find a replacement anywhere. 😦


  4. I don’t have an ice cream maker, but this recipe makes me want to go out and buy one! Sounds delicious.


  5. This is a delicious ice cream…
    Google ‘crank ice cream maker’ and there are quite a few that come up. They’re sort of pricy with no motor! But considering the cost of store bought premium ice cream, you can easily cost it out. I hate ice cream with ‘stuff’ in it, such as cookies, cobbler pieces, etc. A good friend of mine makes ice cream regularly and there are so many delightful recipes out there you can treat your family to the best in life.


  6. stephaniequeen says:

    You’re killing me with this great ice cream recipe–I’m trying to cut back this summer. If only I had the excuse of grandkids to whip some up….
    Thanks for sharing, Pepper!


  7. Mona Risk says:

    Yummy, but… I’m glad I don’t have an ice cream maker. I can see myself making–and eating–ice cream every day.


  8. E. Ayers says:

    This real stuff isn’t as fattening or as bad for you as the gunk that is bought. Yes there’s cream in it, but there are recipes that require no cream. Turn watermelon into a frozen, low cal dessert.

    My ice cream maker only makes a quart. It’s perfect. No leftovers!


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