My Summer Vacation…Not Quite


Technically, summer vacation is when schools are closed. But emotionally, mentally, summer vacation evokes aspirations and memories of camp-outs, sunburns, young romance, and not doing a whole heck of a lot. The only real expectations were fun and relaxation.

The last time I had a true summer vacation was 11th grade.

That summer was the last time I slept in, lazed my days away, toodled around with friends (the word ‘toodled’ may reveal my generation), and in general had an ab-fab, refreshing time with find memories to take me through the winter.

Grown up summers are somehow busier than non-summers. Something is wrong with that! 🙂 The camping and road trips with my kids are somehow more work than regular life, but of course the memories are priceless.

This summer has been no different. The illusion of slowing down and smelling the roses has evaporated once again, and extra busyness prevails. But it’s mostly a good busyness…son home from the Navy, getting to know the daughter’s new beau, watching homemade fireworks manufactured by one of my kiddos…and waiting for someone to call the cops on us…

Good times! Just without the restful part. Maybe it should be called something other than ‘vacation’, the antonyms for which include: labor, exertion, occupation, and toil. That about sums it up for me!

I have squeezed in some writing time (never enough time for that) and will have a new time travel romance novel released in the next month, so that’s fun too.

ImageWhen the jilted Sophie Bowen stumbles drunkenly into a stone circle filled with fireflies, she wakes up in a very different world—and time.

Beaten down by Lincoln’s War and personal tragedy, Gabriel Merritt has lost all hope. But when he finds Sophie in his field, a spark fans back to life.

In the post-war South still licking its wounds, Sophie and Gabriel find they have more in common than they think—but it takes a mysterious child to lead them to each other.

It’s the second book in my Tennessee Waltz series (the first is Kiss Me, I’m Irish), and there will be a third to complete it. Guess when that needs to get written?

Looks like I won’t see a fall vacation either. But there is blessing in the busyness, and I am ever grateful.

So tell me, is your summer restful or crazier than ever?


About bellastreet

Living so close to Nashville has provoked Bella to take up fiddle lessons. Until her tunes no longer sound like amorous alley cats, she writes romance with a touch of weird. Visit her at
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8 Responses to My Summer Vacation…Not Quite

  1. Mona Risk says:

    Can a Mom ever take a real vacation! Vacation at home with the family and the grown kids is always a wonderful time, although quite busy.


  2. susanrhughes says:

    You named your heroine after my daughter! 🙂


  3. E. Ayers says:

    Other mothers couldn’t wait for school to start so they could pack the kids off for the day. I think I hated seeing mine go off to school more than they did. At least when they were home, I could climb back into bed after hubby left for work and catch a two-hour nap. And then there was the dreaded homework! LOL


  4. Jill James says:

    Ah, summer vacation when you are a kid! Too bad we don’t appreciate it until it’s gone.


  5. Carol says:

    Vacations are much more work as a parent. I think more fun too. The kids make most of the decisions! Good luck with book three and congrats on book two.


  6. Kristy Tate says:

    My twins (my babies) are leaving for college at the end of the month so that means we’re about to take our last real kids at home family vacation. I have so many mixed emotions! When I think of living without my children, I alternate between crying in a corner and jigging in the street.


  7. leighmorgan1 says:

    Summer has been fun here too, but busy seems too calm a word for it. Gotta love this time of year though, it just make me smile to see all the color in the garden and enjoy all that is going on, even when it’s simply a walk during the day with my son. Hope the rest of your summer is wonderful. LOVE the cover for your newest release!


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