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It’s Alligator Season – Again!

Here in Louisiana alligator season is open. This eleven foot, nine inch monster was taken from a pond behind my son’s camp.  Look at the size of that head. Scary. This is a protected species and you need a special … Continue reading

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How often have qualified editors written on manuscript submissions a firm, “No, too coincidental,” at an unexpected encounter between the hero and heroine, or between any two characters? How often have our critique partners answered, “No way, unrealistic coincidence. It … Continue reading

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Unforgettable Moments

Unforgettable Moments I’ve known for a number of years my mom had memory problems, but chalked it up to her ripe old age of 91 this year. She’s lived with us now for thirteen months and I’ve seen a gradual … Continue reading

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Picking up the pace – and the leaves on the ground by Stephanie Queen

Has anyone else noticed how much busier and more serious we are when Autumn strikes? Maybe we’re like the squirrels stocking up for winter in our own human way. For SQ it means writing my fingernails off (eeuw!–not really) and running … Continue reading

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Color Outside the Lines by Joan Reeves

Back to school time is always a delight for me because of the stacks of Crayon® boxes in so many stores. I love the distinctive smell of those pieces of colored wax. I don’t know how Craola® infuses that distinctive … Continue reading

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Whatcha watchin?

Early fall brings many good things, nestled in among the bad. For me, the negatives are shorter days, increasingly cooler temperatures and more time spent indoors than out. The positives are many: more time for reading (another blog topic to … Continue reading

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Not So Little Anymore

“Sometimes, the smallest things take up the most room in our hearts.” – Winnie the Pooh (A.A. Milne) My babies started kindergarten last Monday. Wait a minute, they aren’t babies anymore. How did that happen? It feels like the time … Continue reading

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