It’s September!

Oh my, it’s September. That means the children go back to school. My school days are over. My youngest grandchild is in her senior year of high school. That makes me feel old! But I’m not old. In fapencilsct, her mom graduated only a few years ago – well, it seems that way. I also have no idea who that person is in the mirror. That’s not me. I can’t have children older than I am. A dear friend said when you reach a certain age you are young enough to do anything you please and too old to do anything that you no longer want to do. That’s me!

So why does September seem like the start of a new year? Fall is that time when you go back to school, make new friends, and see old ones. It’s the start of the school year and that seems programmed into us. Outside, Mother Nature is starting to shut down for the winter. Those cooler temps are welcomed. I love the switch from summer clothes to pretty sweaters and snuggly, fuzzy, warm things. But September around here is usually too soon to really switch. Just keep a sweatshirt or sweater handy for a cool evening.

As my asters bloom here, my friends down-under are seeing crocuses. I wonder what it would be like to live with the seasons switched. Which does bring me to a pet peeve; fall is a wonderful time to grow certain veggies here such as lettuce. Try to find lettuce seeds this time of year! I’ve learned to buy them in the lettucespring and put the packets in the refrigerator. I can grow lettuce all winter long if I’m careful. Talk about IPM! The normal bugs that attack lettuce aren’t chewing holes in the leaves in December. A cold night will kill it so I have to be watchful and cover my lettuce or bring it inside. I’ve taken to growing it in hanging baskets from shepherds’ hooks. Then I can drape a big plastic trash bag over the whole thing on a cold night. We tend to only get a few nights where it gets super cold.

It’s also time for fall housekeeping. I need to hit every closet, but I glovesdon’t have time to do it. I promised myself I’d get the surfaces clean and that I’d deep clean my kitchen. Just how many hours does it take to clean a dirty house? I don’t want to think about it, but I’m determined to get it done in the next two weeks.

September also holds a special place in my heart for every September is the local county fair. I love the fair! I’ve been part of it now for twenty years. I was one of those original people who said we can do this. I’ve watched it grow from a tiny fair to what it is today. And over the years my role with the fair has changed. I promise, it’s a real county fair with chickens and goats, and Ferris FairWheels, and great entertainment. It’s the kind of place to bring the children and grandparents. We celebrate our agricultural heritage. I love it and we work very hard to keep it the way it should be. So if you are anywhere near Virginia, come visit! You’ll find me behind the camera lens, looking official as the Fair’s photographer. That means I’m probably dirty, thirsty, and wearing a big smile, especially if I’m anywhere near the bull ring. Who doesn’t love a bull rider? And as for our farmers, you couldn’t meet a nicer bunch of people.

Oh and the other thing is I’m an author. With luck, I’ll be announcing two new books next month. Historical westerns – I’m so A Snowy Christmas in Wyomingexcited! And the diary that was mentioned in A Snowy Christmas in Wyoming will be available before Christmas. I hope everyone loves it because I’ve poured my soul into it. It starts in the late 1840’s and goes until the 1880’s. The Coleman family would have been one of the earliest settlers in Wyoming. It wasn’t easy for them.

I think we all have these grand ideas of what it must have been like to do something like that. My research has proven that I probably would not have survived. I think I would have fallen apart under the stress. I can freak over a spider. I can’t imagine living in a sod house or a tiny, wooden one that didn’t have insulation. No contact with the outside world for weeks and weeks. Nope! Not for me.

And for the really big news! The Authors of Main Street are putting together a special Christmas collection of wonderful, heart-warming, romantic stories all boxed up for your Christmas reading. So watch the side bar at the top of this page for its announcement! Ten books of varying lengths from lunchtime reading to a nice long weekend, and that bundle should be available in November.

September marks the beginning of the fall season. I might not be busy with back-to-school stuff, but I’m probably busier than I’ve ever been in my life. I will admit that I walked past all those school supplies and admired the new spiral bound notebooks. The colors and glitz – amazing! Do the students still use them?

Everything is going computerized. They don’t teach cursive anymore. Keyboarding matters. They get that in first grade. It makes me wonder if they will quit teaching subjects such as spelling.

Will this new generation grow up knowing how to communicate on ereadersomething other than a touch screen? Will all spelling be reduced to a note hand of acronyms and dropped vowels? And what will that do for books? Will people still write them? How? I can’t imagine a life without books. I don’t mind if the paper goes away, but please let the written word continue!

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13 Responses to It’s September!

  1. susanrhughes says:

    I still use a notebook. I use it to jot down ideas and take notes when I’m reading. I can’t be at the computer all the time.


  2. Jill James says:

    I love Back to School time. The stores are full of lovely notebooks, binders, pens, and pencils. Yay! and on sale!!


  3. I love school supplies. Need to get to the sale after the rush. Things are dirt cheap then.


  4. Joan Reeves says:

    I love back to school. I get a rush when I smell those hundreds of Crayon boxes stacked in the center aisle. I think I liked to do back to school shopping more than the kids did.


  5. leighmorgan1 says:

    Dear E,

    You’re right about September being a wonderful time of year for those last growth plants, final fairs and jumping into and new projects while finishing those summer was too busy to complete. I love fall too, although I’m not yet ready to say good-bye to summer. My son started school yesterday, so these next few weeks when the days are still relatively long and I’ve got my days to myself are going to be great! You’re right about the cursive too…drives me crazy that my children don’t take pride in hand-written letters, let alone cursive anything. Any another art, bites the dust. Aaarrrggghhh! I think this year I’m going to get my son his own fountain pen and see if that makes a difference when I start cards at Christmastime :). Hope autumn and the harvest season brings joy and prosperity to you and your family.


    • leighmorgan1 says:

      Hate it when auto correct goes nuts and I don’t check…sigh.


      • E. Ayers says:

        While working on my historical western, I had to research pens. They’ve become quite a collectors item. But I’ll admit that a nice fountain pen has the most wonderful feel to it when writing. I don’t want to discuss my deteriorating penmanship. Seems the only thing I write is my name on the bottom of the sales slip. Giving your son a real pen might give him the spark to try harder and do well.


  6. Carol says:

    Great tip on the lettuce! Bet I won’ find any seeds now either. Unless Mom is sleeping, I get a partial room cleaned at a time. Dusting is my least favorite. Loved it when the kids were little, they wanted to dust! Not me. BTW, on site? The cowboy’s photo would make a wonderful cover!


  7. E. Ayers says:

    Dust? What’s that?

    The Fair is always a challenge for my photography skills. I’m in bright sunlight or in a tent. I’m capturing high speed shots of something or grabbing a portrait. I’ve got a 4H’er with a lamb or a visitor dancing with delight. It’s always different!


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