Not So Little Anymore


“Sometimes, the smallest things take up the most room in our hearts.”

– Winnie the Pooh (A.A. Milne)

My babies started kindergarten last Monday. Wait a minute, they aren’t babies anymore. How did that happen?

It feels like the time has flown since they were born, yet I can’t seem to remember what they looked like as newborns without looking at photos. I remember how gruelling the first few months were – 11pm/2am/5am feedings, colic, diaper blow-outs, all doubled with twins. I thought they’d never outgrow that stage.

Now they are little people with their own personalities and opinions. It’s still a daily challenge dealing with fights, tantrums and simultaneous demands. It’s a constant frustration that I can’t get anything done with these little people hanging off my legs or shouting at me from various rooms, and I find myself longing for the day they’re grown up enough to look after their own needs.

I have to remind myself to slow down for a minute and talk to them, put on some music and dance with them, read them a story, or take out a puzzle to assemble together. I can’t wait to see how they’ll turn out as big people, but I don’t want to miss their childhoods either. When they do grow up, I’ll look at the pictures I took today and ask myself – what happened to my little girls?

6 thoughts on “Not So Little Anymore

  1. My son’s beautiful baby face played across my mind while reading this. I cried all day when my son entered first grade. He was happy, waved to me and walked inside the school without so much as a second look. Made cry all the more. 🙂 Their wings are growing! Give them their wings. Enjoy every minute with your lovely girls. I understand how you feel.


  2. Oh, Susan, you pushed a hot button here with mommies everywhere. I’ve enjoyed every age my children have reached. They’re all grown now, but, sometimes, I experience a fleeting moment when I wish they were small again so I could gather them in my arms and just hold them. Ack! Tears and coffee just don’t go together.


  3. What a pretty picture, Susan. I received a similar one from my daughter showing two adorable girls’ first day to school. They are growing up too fast. As a grandmother I wish they could always stay small, cute and always eager to go to grandma. I can’t remember my children’s first day to school. I don’t think we took pictures. I know I enjoyed my children more as teenagers, confiding their school joys and problems, and their fist girlfriend or boyfriend, and their scholastic and sports achievement. Now I keep the phone next to me all day long, hoping for a phone call about the small ones.


  4. What a great photo, Susan! I still look at the photos I took years ago thinking…they’re not babies anymore, then they’re getting so big/old, and I smile because they look so young. I think your little girls will be little yet for a long time.

    The first day of school in our neighborhood is celebrated by a trip to the bus stop no matter how old your child. (We are the only subdivision in a rural community ~ and all the parents congregate for the first day pick-up.) My son started High School this year and I’m so glad he didn’t give us any grief about walking him to the bus stop, coffee cup in hand, taking our photos. I think it helps that our stop is the first and there are no other kids on the bus that early in the morning!

    Hugs to you on your first day! I hope your girls enjoy their school!


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