Picking up the pace – and the leaves on the ground by Stephanie Queen

raking leavesHas anyone else noticed how much busier and more serious we are when Autumn strikes? Maybe we’re like the squirrels stocking up for winter in our own human way.

For SQ it means writing my fingernails off (eeuw!–not really) and running around from event to event–well not really running. Myren, my chauffeur,Chauffeur Hat drives me. Lately, I’m also cooking up a storm–I’m even considering a Pumpkin stew. I asked Myren to test taste it for me, but he said he had to wash his hair. (To tell the truth, I wasn’t sure he even had any hair under that uppity spiffy chauffeur’s cap. It’s pictured at the right. )

I think all the cooking is another squirrel-like instinct set off when the leaves start falling. Speaking of falling, the temperature is falling too. “Hey Myren – we need to get the furs out of storage!” You can’t hear him, but his response was a grunt. I think Myren is practicing for his bear-like hibernation. I wonder if he has a fur-lined version of that hat…

Anyway, my whole point here is the busyness of the fall. I’m very busy. Myren is even busy.  How busy you ask?  So busy that we almost ran out of gas from running so many errands the other day. Of course, that could be because the Queen-mobile only gets 3.8 mpg and Myren refuses to go to any gas station that doesn’t sell Debbie Cakes. But really, we’ve been doing lots of lifting and hauling in preparation for the WINTER. (As if the winter was a special cataclysmic event or something.) typing fast

All I know is, I’m typing faster on my laptop as I sit with my feet up on my specially cushy chair in front of the fireplace with the flatscreen above it. Doesn’t that sound busy to you?  I feel the pressure of impending deadlines–and they all happen to be this fall. squirrelCoincidence? I think not. I planned it that way. Why?

Who the heck knows. Like I said, I think it might be a squirrel thing.

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8 Responses to Picking up the pace – and the leaves on the ground by Stephanie Queen

  1. leighmorgan1 says:

    I sure seems like a different kind of busy when Autumn strikes. Less frivolous and more frenetically focused on results! I think you got it right with the squirrel thing. 🙂


  2. Jill James says:

    Stephanie, so agree about autumn deadlines. What was I doing all summer? Obviously not getting ready for those falling leaves and swiftly turning calendar pages.


    • stephaniequeen says:

      Looks to me like you’re making up for lost summer time, Jill! I’m seeing you all over the internet social media doing all kinds of stuff!


  3. Carol says:

    I agree Stephanie. I’m part squirrel too! Busiest three months of the year as far as picking up the pace.


  4. monarisk says:

    Yes, I hear you Stephanie– and Myren. I too have been very busy, although there is no Autumn where I live. The ocean is still gorgeous and the temperature in the eighties. But since the children, not mine, are in school, we all started writing hard again.


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