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Oranges for Halloween?

The hubby picked the first ripe satsuma oranges yesterday.  We’ll be having tree-ripen oranges for awhile. Knowing I had to write a blog the day before Halloween, I thought I would have some fun.   This is the result…and what … Continue reading

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Racing with Deadlines by Stephanie Queen

 Even though Myren, my chauffeur, bet against me–he had a pool going among all his chauffeur pals down the street corner apparently–I did it!  I won the race with my Deadline!  After 35 days during which I threw the gym … Continue reading

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North and South

No, I am not talking about the Civil War, although I used to enjoy romance novels set during that period, particularly those of Heather Graham, my favorite historical author twenty years ago. South is where I live, close to the … Continue reading

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Blood, Sweat and Tears

Writing is one of the hardest and the greatest roller-coaster rides I’ve ever experienced. Sometimes I wonder if it’s a blessing or a curse! Regardless, since writing is in my blood, I can’t not write. So as other authors do, … Continue reading

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Counting My Blessings by Susan R. Hughes

Last Monday was Thanksgiving here in Canada. Time to count my blessings—which I should really do more often than once a year. I spend far too much time bemoaning the things I don’t have and forget to be thankful for … Continue reading

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Writing For Love by Joan Reeves

Do you write for love? Not love of publication, love of fame, or love of royalties, but love of writing itself. Choosing one word over another. Putting words together in a certain way that it perfectly expresses the vision in … Continue reading

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FB it’s not just for Trolls

Sometimes blogging is easy. Sometimes, most times even, it’s fun. Sometimes, I scratch my head wondering what I have to share that would make anyone’s life more enjoyable in my morning blog and like procrastinators and semi-mad people everywhere, I … Continue reading

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