Christmas on Main Street presented by Joan Reeves

Main Street once was where everyone in small towns and even large cities congregated. People shopped on Main Street and, to the shop owners, were more than customers with money to spend. Indeed, shopping was a personal experience where the customer and owner exchanged news about each other’s family, neighborhood gossip fed the grapevine, and each person came away from the visit with a smile.

Remember how Christmas was once celebrated on Main Street? A parade with the local schools’ marching bands, decorations that spanned the street overhead, evergreen wreaths and red bows on all the shop doors, and a Santa who seemed to be everywhere, cheerily calling out, “Merry Christmas.”

This holiday season, you’ll find the Spirit of Main Street alive and well in a wonderful collection of eleven holiday romances, the Christmas on Main Street Box Set. The Authors of Main Street have poured their heart into these books, all with holiday themes. With the spirit of Christmas guiding them, they have priced Christmas on Main Street inexpensively as their holiday gift to you.

So, grab a mug of your favorite hot winter beverage, settle into your favorite chair, prop your feet up, and prepare to fall in love–with Christmas on Main Street.

May all your Christmas Wishes come true and may the New Year be full of the best Life has to offer. Merry Christmas! Joan Reeves

These popular, bestselling authors await you with Christmas stories on Main Street with a new holiday bestseller:

S The Christmas Wish by Tori Scott S

The Christmas Wish by Tori Scott. Merry is a long way from home and missing her family as Christmas approaches, until she falls right into Santa’s lap.


Her Christmas Cruise smallHer Christmas Cruise by Mona Risk. The perfect fiancé is a cheater and the fabulous Christmas wedding is off. But the would-be honeymoon cruise may fulfill the dreams of Julia and her unexpected companion.


A Snowy Christmas in Wyoming

A Snowy Christmas in Wyoming by E. Ayers. A Native American cowboy with his thirteen-month-old daughter and a national news anchorwoman have nothing in common, except for their pasts, but in this season of giving, will fate reach through time and give the gift of love?


The S TheChristmasCon 1400x2100Christmas Con by Jill James. Contemporary Romance. Two reformed jewel thieves, Robin and Ian, are on the job to retrieve a priceless necklace, but Santa has special plans for a reunion of the ex-lovers.


Small Town Glamour Girl Christmas by Stephanie Queen. Small town girl Julie STGGC_COVER-Final-Final-900hates being an Audrey Hepburn look-alike. When the big city man of her dreams comes to town for Christmas will she sell out to model in the city or settle into small town life on his terms?


The Christmas Gift by Pepper Phillips. When an opportunity to make money Christmas Gift by Pepper Phillips Spresents itself, eleven-year-old George faces the biggest decision of his life. Will he become a thief like his father or will he discover the fact that giving, rather than receiving, is the best gift of all?



A Potters Wood Christmas by Leigh Morgan. A plot to steal an ancient artifact in A Potters Woods Christmas by Leigh Morgan Sthe Bennett’s possession could be the key to opening an even greater prize. Will Cian find family and the spirit of Christmas again?


A Baby for Christmas by Susan R. Hughes. When Ryan opens his home to Paige, a untitledbeautiful stranger who happens to be pregnant, will it take a Christmas miracle to make them realize where their hearts truly belong?


A Light S in the Christmas Cafe by Kristy TateA Light in the Christmas Cafe by Kristy Tate. A food thief, a haunted house, a matchmaking grandmother and a handsome stranger: Are the apron strings tying Deirdre to her grandmother’s café tangling up her life plans or are they leading her to love?


What if...cover Revised (931x1280)What if…this Christmas by Kelly Rae. Will a marriage proposal be the end of Katie and Chris’ forever?


S A Smoky Mountains Christmas by Carol De Vaney

A Smoky Mountain Christmas by Carol DeVaney. Falling in love wasn’t in Tina’s plans. She’d survived the snowstorm, but could she survive the love of recently divorced Hank Gordon who’s sworn off women?

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