Being Thankful

Excited? Yes! I am.
Christmas on Main Street is considered a best seller on Amazon! I’m thankful.
I’m also thankful for the ladies who walk down Main Street beside me. We’re from different states and from different walks of life. We aren’t different in that our love of writing drives us every day to push the pen and harvest characters and their stories for our beloved readers.
In this season of Thanksgiving, there is more than enough in our lives to give thanks.
Thanksgiving Day is more than sharing a meal.

It’s when family and friends gather for time together and recall past times spent in the presence of loved ones. Loved ones who are still with us and those who have gone on. I’m thankful for the time and love we shared.
I’m thankful for my family, they keep me strong.
Years ago I wrote a poem on love. There are many ways to look at love, but I suppose the words in the poem sums up what love means to me.

Love Is

Love is a misty rain;
The caress of a gentle breeze.
Glistening snowflakes;
A mountain in spring.
A glorious sunset;
Or in a summer’s sky.
A baby’s touch;
A soft voice.
It is yielding;
It is the moment just before dawn.
It carries no force;
It issues no pressure.
Love is mellow;
Ageless and unselfish.
It is wisdom;
With kindness.
It is forgiving;
Of imperfections.
It is the calm;
In the midst of a storm.
It is the quiet;
Of a hushed moment.
Love does not scold;
Nor rebuke.
It is majestic;
Not for the faint of heart.
It is tender;
Soft as a baby’s skin.
Trusting, honest;
Consuming and strong;
Love is
~Carol DeVaney

What are you thankful for? Anything special?

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6 thoughts on “Being Thankful

  1. Carol, lovely poem. I’m so glad and thankful I got to join the Authors of Main Street. I’m thankful my children and grandchild are healthy. I’m thankful for my best friend, my husband Patrick. I’m thankful my children have found their significant others.


  2. Thank you, Jill! I, too, am thankful for everyone’s health and my son found a happy life. So many don’t. Happy your children are happy. Have a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow.:)


  3. Beautiful poem. So difficult to describe love.
    I’m thankful for all my friends here on Main Street, the ones in cyberspace, and for my friends in my town.
    Sometimes it’s the little things in life that make the biggest difference. Always count the positives, especially on a day like today!
    Happy Thanksgiving to all my USA friends.


    • E., love is hard to describe until I think of all the beautiful things in my life. I’ve always said, “It’s the little things that matter.” 🙂 When you find love, or it finds you, never let go. I hope this thanksgiving was special in all ways.


  4. Fantastic poem, Carol. Beautiful and resonating. I am very thankful this holiday season for everything wonderful in my life, most especially for my writing community that makes the days spent in the chair even more vibrant and fulfilling. Thank you, Authors of Main Street!


    • Thank you, Leigh The poem was, of course, from my heart. It’s good to be among writing friends who not only understand what the life of a writer is like, but experience it firsthand themselves. Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful.


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