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2014 – Planning Out the New Year by Pepper Phillips

I admit I love lists…and spreadsheets. In my computer I have a ‘House’ worksheet. It is huge! Cleaning Schedule, Books I own, Books I read, To-Do list, Errand list (oh yeah, I have passed by the bank four times because … Continue reading

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The naughty Elf

I was at my daughter’s house two weeks ago and faced my first snow storm in years. To occupy the girls on a no-school day, their mother decided to start decorating the house for Christmas. Full of energy and enthusiasm … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

Christmas is special to me, to all of us, if you celebrate Christmas. It is a time of worship, a time for our families to gather and enjoy a day of rest and cherish loved ones. It’s a special time … Continue reading

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12 Days of Christmas: Fact & Fiction by Joan Reeves

Just about everyone knows the Christmas standard, The Twelve Days Of Christmas, but do you know the fiction and the facts regarding this song? I’m the kind of person who likes to dig for facts about things. The origin of … Continue reading

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LOOKING TOWARD THE LIGHT ~ Yule, Christmas & Hogmanay Celebrations~aka:WE SCOTS HAVE FUN

This Friday is the Winter Solstice, the close of the dark half of the year and the rekindling of the light half, which begins on Saturday. I love this time of year, not only because Yule & Christmas celebrations are … Continue reading

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Christmas Traditions

I’ve always loved Christmas. As a kid the days of December seemed to drag on endlessly as I waited for the Big Day to arrive. When Christmas Eve finally came, I’d sneak toys and games into bed with me because … Continue reading

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The Scents of Christmas — Jill James

More than the excitement of presents, more than the sound of carols, even more than the visual impact of snapshots, it is the smells and scents that take us back in an instant to a specific time and place. And … Continue reading

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