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Mardi Gras is Coming! by Pepper Phillips

In southern Louisiana, Mardi Gras is King! Of course we decorate. This massive glass bowl held Christmas Balls during the Christmas Season. Now it’s holding glass balls with Mardi Gras colors. Purple, green and gold are the designated colors. There … Continue reading

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Sneaux Days Again – In Louisiana!!!

Hey, Sneaux is how we spell Snow in French speaking Louisiana. And sneaux it did. Twice within five days!  Unheard of. Seriously, it might sneaux every few years or so. But twice. No. That doesn’t happen. But happen it did. … Continue reading

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My Neighbors and More

The dictionary defines neighbor as someone living near or standing next to another. In my book, the neighbor is any one of the people living in the four-hundred condos of the Blue Waves High Rise on the beach. Ten years … Continue reading

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Time’s Slipping Away

What? January’s coming to an abrupt end in nine days? Where in the world did it disappear to this year? If I thought Thanksgiving, 2013, whizzed by, then Christmas, 2013, was a complete blur. Could it be I’m simply getting … Continue reading

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Guilty Pleasures

This New Year’s Eve I didn’t make any resolutions. I haven’t kept a single resolution in my life, so why set myself up for failure? I know there are many bad habits I should break and some good ones I should … Continue reading

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12 Blog Tips for the New Year by Joan Reeves

In April, I’ll be celebrating the 9 year anniversary of my blog, SlingWords. Once I had 2 other blogs that I published nearly every day. I also guest blogged for clients for a number of years. I really have no … Continue reading

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Relieving the Distressed – Power of Community

The end of the calendar year, when holiday celebrations come to a close and the days begin their slow ascent to light again, is a time most of us use to calm ourselves and re-evaluate our lives over the course … Continue reading

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