Time’s Slipping Away

What? January’s coming to an abrupt end in nine days? Where in the world did it disappear to this year?
If I thought Thanksgiving, 2013, whizzed by, then Christmas, 2013, was a complete blur.


Could it be I’m simply getting older and what my mom always said is true? “The older you get, the quicker the years fly by.”
I can tell you, because you’re my friend, I don’t like it one bit. Not one little bit.
For Christmas the kids gave me a Kindle Fire HD. I love it! But…sad as it is, I’ve barely seen the reader, still I managed to finish two short stories so far.

Not that I don’t want to read more—so a search for reading time is underway. Care to bet I’ll find time? You bet I will because I can’t live without books. Neither can I live without writing.
So for now, I’ll plunge into setting up files for 2014 and concentrate on taxes while I plot the next novel.
I hope your year is going smoothly and without repercussions.
Oh, my next big thing? To dig my toes into warm sand and relax. IMG_0130

I hope you get all you ever dreamed of. I wish you love, butterflies and music.

Please check out our Christmas on Main Street boxed set if you haven’t already. You’re going to love the stories!

Stay tuned for Our Big Secret coming soon!

A Smoky Mountain Wedding – Book Two, coming soon.

My books are available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Kobo, Sony, Diesel, Apple and Smashwords.

You can find links on my website here. http://caroldevaney.weebly.com/my-books

13 thoughts on “Time’s Slipping Away

  1. Carol, your mom was right. Time flies at supersonic speed when you get older. To make matters even worse, the older we get, the slower we get. Then there’s that whole tiredness and lack of energy to factor in. *LOL*


  2. I looked at the calendar today and had that palm to forehead moment…you are so right (your mom too) time seems to be flying this year! Great post, Carol. Here’s hoping your toes meet the sand soon and often in 2014 and you find enough time to read all you wish to.


  3. Remember when we were little and in school? Remember how long it was from September to Christmas? And the absolute worst was the wait between Christmas and Easter break. We didn’t call it spring break, it was Easter! I grew up where snow was pretty much a constant thing and they didn’t close school over it. It could snow buckets and they didn’t close school. So praying for snow never worked. If you prayed for an ice storm that would take out the electricity, that also meant our home didn’t have it. (Probably on the same electrical lines.) No electric meant it was pretty boring at home. But the school’s boiler broke one time! It was grand. Took them three days to get it working. Now we blink and the weeks fly by!


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