Sneaux Days Again – In Louisiana!!!

Hey, Sneaux is how we spell Snow in French speaking Louisiana. Sneaux

And sneaux it did. Twice within five days!  Unheard of. Seriously, it might sneaux every few years or so. But twice. No. That doesn’t happen.

But happen it did. Last Friday closed all the schools. A light blanket covered yards, rooftops and cars.

Tuesday it snowed again, but this time was different. There was ice on the roads. We are not used to driving on ice. The schools were closed again.

You might wonder about that, but the reason is that so many kids ride the school bus and most of them must cross over small road bridges over bayous and they will ice up, so in order to be safe, they close the schools. The kids are overjoyed, the moms are crying.

Of course, I needed to go to town to pick up my medications. It was like a ghost town. Very few cars, going extra slow. I braved it at 15-18 MPH. There was ice, serious ice off the main roads.

I’m sure all the people in the north are laughing about now. But it’s dangerous for people who don’t know how to drive in sneaux, have no sneaux tires and are terrified when their car starts to slide sideways across the road.

Most of the stores were closed today. Customers weren’t driving around. And this is a first: a 6PM curfew.

Small town America…some of it might melt away by noon tomorrow. We’ll see.

My son did build a snowman last week. He got a garbage can and a shovel, filled it up with snow and then turned it over. Clever, but that’s now the way I learned to make a snowman.

The kids bought me the metal rooster. I call him Elvis because he has sideburns.



13 thoughts on “Sneaux Days Again – In Louisiana!!!

    • Dear Anom…you are welcome to visit Wisconsin during the winter months. They usually range from about Nov.1 ~ April 1. I remember the snow storm on May 10, 1990 when we had over 11 inches of snow and all the plows had already been stored for the season. For 3 days, unless you had a snowmobile that hadn’t been stored, you didn’t go anywhere. Bad year for apples and Door County Cherries.


  1. Here in the Pacific Northwest we have a lack of snow problem, which won’t be good for the rivers and farmers this summer. Usually we can sled in the driveway by now, but we just haven’t had enough snow. We did get ice yesterday, so the schools were closed due to road conditions – a snow day without snow just seems silly. 🙂 We are expecting some snow tonight, to be honest if it’s going to be cold I’d at least like to look out and see all my trees covered in pretty white flakes.

    p.s. When I was in California 2 weeks ago it was so hot I thought I might melt. 70 plus degrees in January – the downside of which was all sorts of fire warnings on the news due to the lack of rain. Mother Nature sure seems to want to shake things up this year! Wonder what we did to make her mad?


  2. LOVE your spelling of sneaux! I hope that bad stuff is already starting to melt and life is getting back to normal. I lived near the Texas-Louisiana border for seven years, and we had snow only once during that time. So, of course, the local governments or school systems weren’t set up to handle it. Why would they have resources for such a rare situation? It made more sense to shut everything down.


  3. Pepper, your post is charming. I remember driving through Atlanta once when there was about two inches of snow. Pretty easy ride since no one, except those of us passing through, ventured out. 🙂

    Sneaux or snow, ice, black ice, etc… is not to be taken lightly, even when you drive on (an through) it regularly. I’m glad your town got to experience the unexpected joy of “snow days” off from school. Hope no one was hurt. The Curfew is new…and yes, more than a little funny as seen through the eyes of a Wisconsinite.

    Tuesday the Wind-Chill here was -52. Lot’s of blowing snow from the farm fields and black ice on the Interstate, closer to the lake. This is the second bought of M,T & W days off school due to extreme conditions this month for us. Hope we all warm up soon and that the Sneaux brought joy.


  4. Yes, here in the Louisiana south, sneaux is the word for ‘snow’…LOL
    There is still snow and icy roads on the ground. The major roads have had their ice beaten down enough to traverse at a higher rate of speed. I drove between 15 -18 mph yesterday, and as I turned onto my ice road, I noticed that the car behind me showed me the ‘bird’…how rude! It honestly hurt my feelings. The people here do not know how to drive on ice. My side road that has a slight incline to get to the main road, that was still icy, slid my car backwards and to the left for a foot, but I gently managed to get on the main road.
    It was 19 last night and most of it should melt today as it goes up to 40 degrees.


  5. You’re right. I’m in Atlanta and drivers aren’t used to making their way around on snow and or icy roads. Last week in Atlanta and surrounding areas proved my point. The nightmare for drivers was horrible. Glad to see you did get some snow though. Beautiful. Love your Elvis rooster!


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