The Creative Mind

Creative people, create…while this is true it also doesn’t mean we are all created (oops I was punny) equal. I am one of the least crafty people you will meet. I do not collage, or scrapbook or use tulle for anything. Nor do I want to. Someone shows me a craft box and all I see is the mess that will need to be cleaned up when it’s all done. I tried sewing once and realized that, like many other areas in life, I do not have the patience for the job. You can only put that pedal to the metal so much and it still doesn’t make the pants all on its own. Which is a real shame, because I like pants. 🙂

People often assume because you have a creative mind that this extends beyond your abilities. I have a very creative mind when it comes to story telling. In high school I crafted wonderful lies for friends to tell their parents – for mild offenses I assure you. I wrote stories and poems from then until now, but don’t ask me to decoupage – it won’t be pretty. I have on occasion surprised myself with a flower arrangement or a really nice paper airplane.

I know enough about myself to respect my limitations. You want a hot love scene for a Valentine’s note to your husband – call me, I have references for this one. LOL Just don’t ask me to use glitter, guns or to Paper-Mache you a heart to go with the sexy talk.

So today I will share a different side of my writing and post a poem I wrote many moons ago and hope you enjoy!

La Jolla Cove, CA

Afraid to Swim

The ocean is deep and vast
All consuming and powerful
I am afraid to swim, to even float
It is far too glorious for a man such as me

You are like the ocean
My love, my heart, my mated soul
I am afraid to get lost in your sea
To be consumed in the fullness of emotion

Your sound roaring at times
Other times calming as a lullaby
Your touch warm and soft
Other times cold and rough

You are all that is glorious and heartbreaking
Every emotion tenfold
I fear that much power over me
I am a man afraid to swim

Safer waters make more sense
A woman with depths similar to a pool
Compared to your ocean
Someone in whom I will not get lost

I am a man afraid to swim
Yet drawn over and over to sit at your shore
Praying for the courage to walk in
The courage to take you as mine

For as long as the tides roar and recede
As long as the waves wash my soul clean
Time and time again
You are the fear I will face and never conquer

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Kelly Rae

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12 Responses to The Creative Mind

  1. Mona Risk says:

    Beautiful poem. You are a gifted artist, a successful author and a romantic at heart.


  2. Reblogged this on Kelly Rae & Jocelyn Bell Books and commented:
    Sharing my blog post today from The Authors of Main Street, where I posted a poem I wrote. Hope you enjoy!


  3. Joan Reeves says:

    I can glue gun with the best of them and can sew just about anything, but that’s all easy compared to stitching together a compelling novel. Who cares if you don’t know a knit from a purl as long as you can string together beautiful poetry and wonderful novels!


  4. E. Ayers says:

    I think anyone who has ever spent any real time in or on the ocean is very aware of the power of that body of water and holds it in respect. Thank you for sharing that beautiful poem.

    Does that also mean I can’t entice you into a beach vacation on the Atlantic coastline?


  5. leighmorgan1 says:

    Lovely, Kelly. I enjoyed your post and your poem. I love the emotion in your writing.


  6. stephaniequeen says:

    OMG, Kelly!! I LOVE that poem!! So tragically romantic!!! You should do a collection! Or maybe we should commission you to do an intro poem to our wedding novella boxed set… FABULOUS!


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