The Blind Date that Wasn’t by Jill James

heartMy first date with my now-husband was April 18th, 1987. It was a blind date that I was set-up by my supervisor, his father. LOL He asked if I was dating anyone. Very un-PC, I know, but hey, it was the ’80s. He asked if I would go on a date if his son asked me. I hadn’t had a date in 19 months, so I said, “Sure.” I figured, why not, free meal. ๐Ÿ™‚

I totally did not connect my supervisor’s name with his son’s who is a II. He came into the office to ask me out (walked in wearing his State Police uniform) Swoon-worthy, I guarantee it. And I realized I knew him already. I’ve known him since the 7th grade and junior high. Let me tell you, he did not look like that in high school! Yum!!

We started dating in April, he asked me to marry him that Christmas, and we were married the following June.

I came to our relationship from a terrible previous one. A man who didn’t marry me even though I gave birth to our child. (The ’80s, remember? We still did that back then.) So I knew the next man would marry me to keep me. He would be kind. He would be reliable. And he would be dependable. Sometimes I joke with my husband that I married him because he was reliable, dependable, and stable. Well that, and the sex, of course. LOL

This will be our 25th Valentines Day together. We are long past the flowers and candy stage, sometimes we remember a card and sometimes we don’t, but a day doesn’t go by that we don’t kiss, say I love you, and snuggle at night.

Happy Valentines Day!!

and much happiness and love.


About Jill James

Jill is a self-published author with The Lake Willowbee Series and numerous other books in paranormal romance and zompoc romance. She enjoys reading just as much as writing. You can follow her on Facebook and Twitter @jill_james
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19 Responses to The Blind Date that Wasn’t by Jill James

  1. E. Ayers says:

    Oh, Jill, I didn’t realize you knew him from school. I’m so glad you found Mr. Right after being with Mr. Wrong. But it does make me wonder what his father said to get him to ask you out.

    Twenty-five years? I’m sure he’s got something romantic planned. Can’t wait to hear all the details.


  2. monarisk says:

    Jill, what a beautiful tribute to your husband. I am so glad you found each other and have been happy ever since that time. My DH and I are also beyond flowers and chocolate although he gave me a lot of these years ago. We have gone through the better and worse. Now we just walk hand in hand, often think alike and don’t need gifts. A kiss and few words with a tender look say that we love each other.


  3. Joan Reeves says:

    Jill, I tweeted your post. So sorry about my goof-up! Congratulations on 25 Valentine’s Days with Mr. Right.


  4. susanrhughes says:

    Post a wedding picture!


  5. I sat next to a Dad on a plane and he asked me for my business card so he could have his son call me for a date. This was only a 1 hour 20 min flight from San Diego to Arizona, but apparently I made a good first impression. LOL! The Dad was nice, the son called, we went out on a date and um….well, we didn’t get married. Your story is much sweeter!

    Hey this might make a decent book plot now that I think on it a bit. ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Jill James says:

      Thanks, Kelly. I think it was definitely happy ever after.


    • monarisk says:

      Kelly, you’re so pretty I can understand the good impression you made on the dad. I used to do that often for my son: see a pretty girl, ask her a few questions about college and job (so important for me) and then blabber about my handsome, smart and fabulous son…None of that ever worked for me. He married the girl he wanted and I love her.


  6. A very sweet story, Jill. I love your description of when he first walked into the office, and you knew him. Something about a uniform. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  7. Jill James says:

    Thanks, Mary. It helped that he had grown 5 inches since we graduated high school as well. LOL


  8. leighmorgan1 says:

    Congratulations on your 25th Valentine’s Day! Sounds like the two of you were destined to be. Can’t wait to see the wedding photo in June’s blog.


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  10. stephaniequeen says:

    This is better than any of the Valentine love stories on Lifetime channel! Brought mushy tears and all! You are so lucky, Jill!


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