How to build Readers’ Loyalty?

IMG_1839Welcome to the World of Barbara Vey where Readers and Writers come together.

Ten days ago, FRW Chapter had the honor and pleasure of hosting Barbara Vey, Contributing Editor for Publishers Weekly. Our keynote speaker is well-known for her blog, Beyond her Book where she brings writers and readers together on a daily basis.

I’ll try to report here Barbara’s words and advice.

How to build Readers’ Loyalty?

There are so many readers out there: a reader for every author.

Find the common ground you have with you reader and then build a reader connection.

Reader and writer have to form a community. You do that by branding yourself– Use one specific name in everything you do.

You are a product. You are a business. Act like it.

—Careful about you say. Stay away from religion and politics, and anything controversial. Any wrong word can be held against and hurt your career as a writer. Always project a friendly image.

—Be prepared when you go in public. Always carry with you copies of your books, bookmarks, business cards.

—Talk to people everywhere: bookstores, restaurants, supermarkets, planes. Announce to everyone on Earth that you are an author with published books.

—Visit and comment when people mention you. Go their sites and Facebook and show them your appreciation.

—If someone writes a good review, thank them. If someone writes a bad review, stay away and ignore them. DO NOT engage with someone who wrote a bad review. Many people don’t read them. (Barbara Vey doesn’t)

Place to be seen for authors: Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram.

If you can’t be on all, be on Facebook with an Author page. The profile page is not important. Readers check the Author page.


On Facebook

-After whatever you write on FB add you website, before you post.

-Talk about yourself on your Author page. Let the reader discover and like you.

– Ask questions in your post. You’ll get replies, then comment and like.

-Don’t lie. People will eventually find out and stop trusting you.

-Don’t use foul language. You may offend some people.

On Twitter, RT (Re-Twit)

The MOST important part of your job is WRITING.

Check Facebook once in the morning and once at night.

Check Twitter here and there. Follow people who are fun and say interesting things.

Comment and like to see these people on your page

Website should be updated regularly.

In a blog, ask questions, give away book, promote others.


What make a reader loyal to an author:

Consistent writing

Well written story and appealing characters

A series that pulls you in, characters become like a family

Be warm and nice to your readers.

Ask your readers to go to your blog. You may build a street team.

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7 Responses to How to build Readers’ Loyalty?

  1. stephaniequeen says:

    Lots of good advice here, Mona! I find myself drawn to authors who share funny stories about themselves or their writing. I’m also drawn to writers talking about their writing process and problems with their writing, but that could just be me (since I identify with that topic!) See you on Facebook!


  2. Carly Carson says:

    Lots of good advice. Thanks, Mona and also Barbara Vey.


  3. Joan Reeves says:

    Thanks, Mona, for the report on a subject that is of great concern to authors.


  4. Interesting post full of good advice. Guess I’d better learn more about Instagram!


  5. monarisk says:

    Glad this post helped authors and readers make the right choices.


  6. leighmorgan1 says:

    Thanks Mona. Barbara is always helpful and gracious with her ideas and her advice. I’ve never used instagram…guess I better get busy!


  7. Carol says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed your post, Mona. Thank you and Barbara Vey. 🙂


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