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The Creative Well by Pepper Phillips

There is nothing I like better than springtime.  In Louisiana we have two weeks that I call spring.  The flowers that have been hidden during the cold weather peek up and welcome the sun. After two weeks, the air-conditioner must … Continue reading

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The Right Place

How often have you heard people saying, “Poor guy, he was at the wrong place at the wrong time?” Being a thoroughly positive person, I will analyze how being at the right place at the right time affected my life. … Continue reading

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Indie Publishing. It’s been a fast three-year, fun ride. I can’t wait to see what the next years bring to my own writing as well as other Indie Publishers. My goal is to connect with readers in the stories I … Continue reading

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Bring on the Waterworks

A friend recently told me that my latest manuscript made her cry. I thought, wow, what greater compliment could I get? What more could a writer ask for than to make a strong enough emotional connection with a reader to move … Continue reading

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Why I Love Small Towns by Joan Reeves

We have a place in the Texas Hill Country where we spend most weekends. It’s far away from just about everything. In fact, the closest small town of 700 people is about 10 miles away. Perhaps the fact that I … Continue reading

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Touch for me has always been a visceral and joyful experience, from playing naked in the mud as a toddler, to feeling the surprisingly dry skin of a snake on my first trip to the zoo at four with my … Continue reading

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Popular Blog Posts, exposing the underbelly of my blog

I write as an author of Main Street, but I also have my own street. Most writers, and even some non-writer types, have their own blogs. It’s curious why some posts are more interesting to the world than others. Some posts … Continue reading

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