It’s Gone!

And it will return!

I sent a manuscript to my editor. That is the most glorious feeling. Months of work go into it. I scrub and polish it to a high shine. It’s perfect, right? Not! It will be back and when it returns, I have a bucket load of errors to correct. So I go from a wonderful high to a super low as I trudge through it and make corrections.

I’ve heard it said that editing is hating yourself one word at a time. It’s true! Omigod, I actually wrote that mess? Yes, I did. On the other hand, my editor has told me that I write the funniest stuff. She wound up laughing so hard the last time that her children looked up and said, “Are you editing Eez’s work?”

Yes, I have that reputation. No, I don’t write comedy. But we all write stupid sentences. They make perfect sense to us. (At least this time, I caught the Mail of Honor and changed it to the Maid of Honor before my editor got it.) If it can be fouled up, I can do it. I can also dangle a modifier in a heartbeat! Those are those terrible sentences where she mopped the floor with the baby or he got into the elevator drinking coffee. (The first one is child abuse and the second one – well, elevators don’t drink coffee.) Yes, I left a cravat in the Will instead of a caveat. It’s why I hire an editor.

I’ve been trying to read books more, lately. It’s been fun. But I’ve alsbookso been very disappointed. I’ve read books by the big publishers and thought they were terrible. The editing has been almost nonexistent. In general, I’ve finding most indie published authors are putting out higher quality books.

I also don’t like cliff hangers and I’ve hit quite a few of those. If I really like the book, I’ll read the next one. A cliff hanger is not going to force me to keep reading!  Who had the bright idea that cliff hangers were the way to end a book?

Yes, I have a contemporary series (River City). No, you do not need to read each one or in order, but I hope that you  do! And I promise I will never end one with a cliff hanger. If you want to know more about those characters, keep reading! ThRCey do reappear in other books.

I’m excited about this next River City novel. Maybe because it’s happily at my editor’s. Maybe on the outside they both seem so picture perfect, but they really aren’t. I had fun writing them and they’ve become my friends.

I’ve got two more stories in the works so I’m going to be very busy this month getting manuscripts to my editor and edits finished. Watch that box in the upper left hand corner of this blog for new books as they appear. The Authors of Main Street stay busy! And we love putting out new books for you.

The cover isn’t ready for my newest River City or I’d show it off. But I am going to give you a snippet. Remember when Amy and Berto finally got married? Do you remember Brad saying find me someone like Amy? Well, Ryn isn’t at all like Amy, but Ryn and Brad been corresponding via emails and texts for months. heartsPlease remember this is unedited and from my newest River City novel, Campaign. My River City novels are not as sweet as my westerns but they shouldn’t raise too many eyebrows. They are written for grownups who understand a loving relationship.


“It’s you?” Brad asked.

Ryn nodded, almost afraid that he’d crush her with his enthusiasm as he took her into his arms.

“I can finally hold you. I’ve wanted this moment for so long. How was your flight? Where are your bags?”

She pushed against his chest and grabbed the small keyboard and screen that now dangled from her wrist. Quickly she typed, “I’m fine. I don’t think my bags have come down yet. I haven’t seen them.” She held the small screen to him.

“Enough texting. Talk to me.”

She shook her head and pushed the small screen at him.

“No more games. We’ve got two whole weeks to spend together talking,” he raised his eyebrows, “and kissing. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time”

His lips slid over hers and the warmth of his kiss flowed over her. When his lips parted from hers, she looked deep into his hazel-green eyes. Her hand caressed his cheek and she smiled.

“Let me take this.” He lifted her carry-on off of her shoulder. “What’s your luggage look like? I’ll get it.”

“Tapestry, pink and green cabbage rose print,” she typed.

He pushed the screen away. “Talk to me.”

She backed away from him and cocked her head. She signed, “You don’t know?”

“What is it? What’s wrong?”

She shook her head as her heart fell into her tummy. “I’m mute,” she signed. She watched him furrow his brows. She grabbed her keyboard, her thumbs flying over the tiny keys, “I’m mute.”

Again, he pushed the screen away without looking at it.

She closed her eyes, reached up, and slightly tugged the scarf from her neck revealing what was left of the scars that crossed her throat.

When she opened her eyes, he was staring at her. The color had drained from his face. The slight shake of his head told her that he now recognized the situation and it was slowly sinking in. Once again, her thumbs flew over the keyboard, “I thought you knew.” She gazed up at him hoping to find some sort of acceptance. “It’s ok. The only thing I can’t do is talk with sound.” She forced a grin. “Remember when I asked you if you knew sign language and you said you had learned a little bit when you were a kid?” She typed with lightning speed. “Remember I told you that you needed to brush up?”

“I thought it was a joke.”


Life and love come together in River City

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15 Responses to It’s Gone!

  1. Jill James says:

    I love that feeling of being finished. Even if it isn’t finished, finished!!


  2. leighmorgan1 says:

    Mail of Honor….Love it! And it soooo feels like hating myself one word at a time when I get edits back….sigh. You nailed it, E!


    • E. Ayers says:

      There are times when I get my edits back and I just want to die on the spot. Of course I know the difference between there and their! I can understand an occasional mistake, but why do I have pages and pages of mistakes?


  3. monarisk says:

    Fantastic hook. My hero has hazel-green eyes. I like that because I have one hazel and one green, so I always give these colors to my hero or heroine.


  4. stephaniequeen says:

    Getting away from a book for a while is the best thing for it – the revisions/edits always go smoother when you get a little break. Campaign looks intriguing – I’m a sucker for politics and romance! (oddly enough!)


    • E. Ayers says:

      Guess that means I’ll have one reader. LOL I always worry about people buying and liking my books.Will the politics turn them off? I hope not! It’s not the presidential election. (Maybe if they’d give us somebody decent to vote for, I might actually be willing to listen to the nonsense. Don’t you just love my patriotic attitude?) But local politics can be much more fascinating and for RC readers, they know the problems.


  5. Joan Reeves says:

    Congrats, E. That’s always a great feeling, isn’t it? Loved the excerpt. What conflict that’s going to cause.


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