Weddings and More Weddings!

wedding cakeI’m anxiously awaiting the newest offering from Authors of Main Street. With the eleven outstanding authors, this bundle of wedding stories is sure to be a great read and a super buy.
I can’t wait for its release.
As I sat on my deck last night, the air was still, but comfortable. The landscape lights flickered on and spread a beautiful array of soft buttery strips of light across the grass.
Stories and authors are similar to those light strips. None are the same. WEDDINGS ON MAIN STREET are as diverse as the lighting that caught my eye last night. They’re all different. That’s what I expect from the collection soon to be available June 9th.
I’m heading over for my copy of WEDDINGS ON MAIN STREET once it’s released. How about you?

A Smoky Mountain Wedding – Book Two, coming soon.
My books are available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Kobo, Sony, Diesel, Apple and Smashwords.
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Carol DeVaney

11 thoughts on “Weddings and More Weddings!

  1. I think it’s going to be a great set, as well. So many diverse stories and characters, with the common thread of weddings – which to me, are the best representation of hope and love we have. I can’t wait to read all of the stories and see how far this boxed set can go! Thanks Carol for your post and we all look forward to the next set and having your work back in the set!

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  2. I sneaked in a piece of the cover art for our boxed set. Isn’t pretty? Can’t you just picture a whole wedding on Main Street to go with it? I know I can. I can hear those little boys playing and someone fussing for them to settle down and stay clean. The mother of the bride chatting with old friends, and bridesmaids giggling and teasing the newlyweds. It’s all part of the fun of gathering friends and family for the happy occasion.

    I’m with Kelly. We, and our readers, are going to miss your story in this set. But I am pleased to hear that you were able to take a few minutes last night to enjoy some quiet time.

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    • Hey, E. Thanks for inserting the photo! She is a beauty. Love it. Children are so funny at weddings. They can’t wait to get back into play clothes and not worry about getting dirty. 🙂
      Weddings are the lifeline of our future, and with so many stories out there, we’d be hard pressed to tell them all. But…these eleven stories are sure to please any reader, whether you laugh, cry or cheer on the characters as they reach the moment of saying I Do.

      Yes, I miss not being in this boxed set with all of you. Another time, another place, I’ll join in.

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  3. I’m in total agreement with you, Kelly. The bundle is going to be awesome! I also look forward being in the next boxed set. I’m so proud of all of you, and I miss not being in the set.

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  4. Hi, Carol. So sorry you won’t be in this box set but looking forward to your story in the next one. Love that cake picture. Actually, I love wedding cake. Always so delish!


  5. Carol, thanks for this post and for your wonderful analogy. We are all different and yet all the stories are filled with love and as Kelly says, hope for something wonderful and eternal. I’m looking forward to the next set with you in it!


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