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June is Wedding Month by Pepper Phillips

I was married in June. We didn’t plan it that way. But my boyfriend just returned from overseas duty and we decided to get married. He’d been gone for a year, out in Japan and the Philippines training with the … Continue reading

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What is your secret?

What do women lie about? Many women hide their weight. More women lie about their age. Successful working women would rarely reveal their earnings. Some would hide their past relationship. Lie about number of boyfriends or sex partners. A couple … Continue reading

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Weddings on Main Street Was Worth the Wait!

The count down for Weddings on Main Street release has come and gone. I’m excited for the ladies who’ve spent so much time putting this new boxed set together. The stories inside this collection are fabulous! There’s something for everyone’s … Continue reading

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What Hooks Readers by Joan Reeves

As a reader, what about a book hooks you? The author’s name? The cover? The Book Description? The first sentence? Chances are it’s a combination of the elements above. For me, the first paragraph I read will have me clicking … Continue reading

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Many voices, one community

Authors of Main Street started fortuitously for me…a group of authors who never met, getting together to write about small town life authentically from real life perspectives. We all write. We all laugh. We all have a burning desire to … Continue reading

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Kiss the Bridesmaid

I’m so excited to have my brand-new novella, Kiss the Bridesmaid, included in the Weddings on Main Street boxed set. It’s a sequel to Secret Vow and involves the wedding of Brooke and Ian from that novel. Mari is the groom’s sister … Continue reading

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Being an author isn’t all about the writing.

Back in my young, naïve days of writing–oh, circa 2004 LOL I thought writing a book was the hard part about being a writer. (Yes, you can all laugh now.) I was like the little kid in the back seat … Continue reading

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