Last Friday, my husband took me and our children to see Lerner & Loewe’s Brigadoon at the Goodman Theater in Chicago as a surprise for our wedding anniversary.

DSCN4783  DSCN4817  DSCN4786

To truly understand how wonderfully thoughtful this was, you have to understand how Scottish—by choice and clan affiliation—my family is. We were re-married in Scotland for our 20th anniversary, we man the Clan Donald tent at all the Scottish events in Wisconsin as well as the Celtic Canine tent, and just because we don’t get enough of it through the year, we started a Scottish food business.

2014 Macski Logo for Polos

Yes, we make haggis. My husband will tell you it’s the best in the U.S. His vegetarian wife eats our veg haggis.


What does any of this have to do with Brigadoon? A lot.

In the play a mythical Scottish village goes missing and is protected from the woes of the outside world in 1746 during the Jacobite Rebellion, after Bonnie Prince Charlie and his band of Highlanders were finally defeated in Culloden April 16, 1746. The battle weary inhabitants of Brigadoon go to sleep in 1746 and come to life, every 100 years after that, for one glorious day. In 1946, two WW-II battle-weary men travel to Scotland for a bachelor-hunting party, and stumble upon the village of Brigadoon in full preparation mode for a wedding.

1314Brigadoon_PP_03  1314Brigadoon_PP_01  1314Brigadoon_PP_12  1314Brigadoon_PP_11

The men are jaded, and risk adverse; finding solace in the fact that true love doesn’t exist. For the townsfolk of Brigadoon, nothing else matters. They love deeply, fully, and completely, if only for a day. And only true love can wake the gatekeeper, once the town has fallen back into its 100 year slumber.

Brigadoon is a mythical place ~ in Scotland no less (que huge grin) ~ where anything can and does happen. It’s a place where dreams come true if they’re based in love, and if you’re brave enough to jump in with both feet, because here’s the catch….when you commit to Brigadoon, its community, that’s it, that’s all, you can never leave. All in Baby!


Well that’s how I feel about life these days, all in. I’m all in at Authors of Main Street. As a side note, I spent the second-half of the play in the hall as bagpipes thundered, doing a radio interview with Ashley Fontaine and two fellow Main Street authors: Kelly Rae and Stephanie Queen, both of whom know how to tweet and how to rock live on the radio. Me, I’m still learning :). We pumped our Authors of Main Street box set: WEDDINGS ON MAIN STREET, available here…..

Here’s a link to the radio interview. Thank you, Ashley Fontaine, you are lovely!

I’m all in as a writer as well. What a scary, rollercoaster, wonderful leap into the Brigadoonesque-ether that has been. I’m putting in the hours, learning as I go, and loving my community of fellow writers, artists and others who add all the various aspects required to turn a story into a book that someone wants to purchase and read.


We’re all in with HAGGIS and our Scottish Food. Here’s a link to MACSKI’S Highland Foods.

I’m all in when it comes to romance. I write heroes I wouldn’t necessarily want to live with every day, but that make my chest expand, my knees go weak, and my heart beat a little stronger. I live with a man I don’t want to see leave when goes to make the figurative donuts so our family can eat dinner. He fills my heart, my life, my spirit…and that makes everything better.

So does everything work out in Brigadoon? No. Is it a place without strife and loss? No. Is it a state of being where wonderful things can and do happen, where dreams, aspirations and love to last a lifetime can and often does come true? Yes.

Brigadoon is in each of us and there’s no going back for me, I’m all in!

How about you? What wonders await in your Brigadoon?

This one’s for you, Kelly:

IMG_7694  IMG_7704  IMG_7705

Thanks, honey, it was a thoughtful and well received anniversary gift. You couldn’t have done better.


Thanks again to Ashley Fontaine for her warm reception and graciousness during our radio interview.


30 thoughts on “Brigadoon

    • It really was a wonderful production, Edie. The orchestra was one of the best I’ve ever heard (including Phantom & Cats). The cast was phenomenal. Katie Spelman, who played Maggie–the over-sexed-hellion–was absolutely the star of the show. The choreography made every move look easy. And the play itself was modernized enough to make it compelling. I Loved It!


    • Thanks, Joan! I think my son gets taller and more handsome by the day. He loves being in a kilt and when he gets the chance to go full Charlie (Formal Jacket, Tuxedo Shirt, Formal Sporran & Bow Tie) he’s on cloud nine. Both kids loved the show! I know I’m prejudiced, but Vince kilted is a man who makes the heart pound. Thanks for noticing. He’s going to be grinning when he sees your comment.


  1. What a thoughtful and wonderful way to celebrate such a wonderful day! The pictures are beautiful and I was able to listen to your interview, which was wonderful! Authors of Main Street is lucky to have such enthusiasm and talent 🙂 Thanks for the post Leigh!


  2. Leigh, I am so grateful that you–and your husband–took a break from your anniversary celebration to do the radio interview for the Authors of Main Street! Thank you!!
    I love the notion of ALL IN and it’s easy to see that you are exactly that!


  3. I’m so sorry you had to miss part of the play to do the radio interview. But I’m so glad you enjoyed your evening out. Your son is getting taller and he’s quite handsome. Boys seem to grow clear into their 20’s – I think he’s going to be quite tall. And both your men look very good in the full Charlie attire!

    I think when an author knows what it is to be madly in love, it shows in the writing. And being that madly in love never makes any sense to those who have never experienced it. I know exactly what you mean about his leaving the house. If that’s what is meant by jumping in with both feet, maybe more people ought to try it, because it’s wonderful.


    • Dear E.,

      My son grows every day. As for being madly in love, I want to be, everyday. Depending on the day, life with my husband and my family often can be more or less wonderful. My life revolves around them (for the most part) and I’m still enjoying every moment.


  4. Leigh, first let me say how impressed I am you were able to do our radio interview during your special event! LOL. I didn’t hear a hint of the pipes, by the way.

    Here is the thing about The Authors of Main Street; we are all unique and oddly fantastic, in our own ways. It’s an amazing group. Your family sounds great…I’m a sucker for a kilt and some bag pipes, so clearly I need to come
    hang out with you guys!


  5. Reblogged this on Kelly Rae & Jocelyn Bell Books and commented:
    I have to say my favorite part of this post is the dedication of cartwheels to ME! LOL

    Luckily, the rest of the post was fantastic, as well. Read, enjoy, and keep coming back to The Authors of Main Street for more fun posts from a bunch of amazing women, authors, humans! 😀


  6. Love the kilts on your great looking guys! What a special guy you have to surprise you with such a wonderful evening! Reading about your theatre time makes me want to go soon! You’re brave to do the cartwheels. 🙂


    • Thanks, Mona. I loved everything about the evening except the Chicago traffic :). That stinks. The interview was wonderful as well. Happy Anniversary to you! Thanks for posting.


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