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Cooking for Generations by Pepper Phillips

The youngest son decided to BBQ last Sunday. At our house. That meant that I had to fix the side dishes. Which I don’t mind. I know I’m eating well if I do it. We invited the other kids and … Continue reading

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Weird stuff seems to happen when we’re pushed for time. Monday, August 18, I got up on the run. Left the house at 7:45 and didn’t return until 3:30. Well, except to trade vehicles, which I’ll go into in a … Continue reading

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The Ten Commandements

I am happy to belong to a group of successful authors on Main Street, but I am dedicating this post to the readers who wish to start a book and to the beginner writers who struggle to improve. While I … Continue reading

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Family, Friends, and Festing

I’ve had a really crazy year. My children are growing and changing in ways I haven’t been able to keep up with. I thought I’d have lots more time to bond, to make memories, to parent in a way that … Continue reading

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Wait! I’m not Ready!

Today as I was driving I noticed this lovely tree, its leaves resplendent in hues of gold and orange among the greenery along the street. Inwardly I shrieked in horror. I mean, it’s pretty and all, but what gives? I … Continue reading

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Women & Men & Sex = Funny by Joan Reeves

I love romantic comedy which is one of the reasons I write it. When a reader tells me she laughed so hard her family thought she was crazy, that just makes my day. I guess I can blame all those … Continue reading

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The Man Behind the Mask

I’m sure you’ve all heard the sad news about actor Robin Williams. At first I was shocked. He was such an engaging man, full of laughter and caring. How could he be depressed enough to take his own life? And … Continue reading

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